Sunday, February 14, 2016

Frankie Lee 2006 Standing At The Crossroads

Genre: Blues
Rate: 213 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:23
Size: 84,28 MB

United States

Well I would know nothing of this man if it were not for the Saturday blues show in my town. They played a few cuts off of this, and I just had to buy it. Not only is Frankie one great singer, but the BASS player drives this cd like no blues cd I have ever heard.

THIS is a stunning cd, every and I mean every song is good, how many times can you say that? Not just killer playing but all songs are good. I promise you will not be bummed off this. NO way

Turn it up as far as you can! (K. Tarin)


01 - I Wish I Had A Dime 04:03

02 - High Horse 05:16

03 - I Need Lots Of Love 04:20

04 - Prayer For Peace 03:10

05 - Where You Been All My Life 04:42

06 - Better Than That 05:18

07 - Let's Think Twice 06:50

08 - Mary Don't You Weep 03:28

09 - Standing At The Crossroads 04:42

10 - How Far Can You Fall 03:03

11 - Think What It's Doing To Me 04:46

12 - I Really Got The Blues 05:47

13 - I Ain't Ever Had The Blues (Like This Before) 05:58

Gamble for more Frankie Lee


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