Monday, February 1, 2016

Coco Montoya 1996 Ya Think I'd Know Better

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:32
Size: 111,00 MB

United States

Review by Thom Owens

With his second album Ya Think I'd Know Better, Coco Montoya ditches the guest stars and opts for a menu of pure, unadulterated Montoya. The results are quite impressive, to say the least. For the moment, overlook his somewhat pedestrian vocals and just concentrate on his scintillating guitar work. It's no secret that Montoya cultivated a reputation as one of the finest guitarists of the '80s and '90s through his session work, but even those familiar with his gutsy, electrifying style will be taken aback by the stylistic variety and musical depth on Ya Think I'd Know Better. Montoya even pulls skunk-hot solos out of the most predictable blues-rockers, while his smoldering solos on slower numbers like "Dyin' Flu" are passionate and moving. Best of all, Coco puts down his electric for acoustic romps like the earthy "Hiding Place." In short, Ya Think I'd Know Better answers the question whether Coco Montoya is a vital bluesman for the '90s, and the answer is an emphatic "yes!"


01 - Monkey See, Monkey Do 04:09

02 - Seven Desires 04:17

03 - Hiding Place 05:03

04 - The Heart Of Soul 04:45

05 - Tumbleweed 04:05

06 - Fool In Love 02:51

07 - Can't Get My Ass In Gear 04:03

08 - You'd Think I'd Know Better By Now 05:09

09 - Big Boy Pete 03:30

10 - Too Much Of A Good Thing 04:28

11 - Dyin' Flu 06:12

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