Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Chris Smither 2000 Live As I'll Ever Be

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:32
Size: 136,20 MB

United States

Review by Ann Wickstrom

Chris Smither's Another Way to Find You was the live album that chronicled his career up to 1991. Live As I'll Ever Be takes up where that one left off, featuring songs from the four albums he released in the '90s. It was recorded over several years -- beginning in 1996 -- and captured performances in California, Virginia, Massachusetts, and Ireland. One mike recorded his large, unmistakable voice; the other was placed on the floor to pick up his steadily tapping and stomping feet.

Many audience favorites were included, such as "I Am the Ride," "Slow Surprise," "Small Revelations," and "Up on the Lowdown." Two covers, Robert Johnson's "Dust My Broom" and Rolly Sally's "Killin' the Blues," were also recorded. There are entertaining song intros and bits of warm banter with the audience, too.

Chris Smither is always at his best when he is performing live. In fact, he often says that he writes songs and records albums just so he can perform live, and not the other way around. Live As I'll Ever Be gives you a great front-row seat, any time you want it.


01 - Intro 00:35

02 - Hold On I 04:02

03 - The Devil's Real 04:58

04 - Link Of Chain 04:48

05 - No Love Today Intro 01:34

06 - No Love Today 04:42

07 - Cave Man 05:22

08 - Winsome Smile 03:33

09 - Slow Surprise 03:41

10 - Help Me Now 03:35

11 - Small Revelations 04:07

12 - Can't Shake These Blues 01:25

13 - Dust My Broom 03:08

14 - I Am The Ride 03:58

15 - Up On The Lowdown 04:15

16 - Killin' The Blues 05:49

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