Thursday, January 7, 2016

The Steepwater Band 2011 Clava

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:23
Size: 101,48 MB

United States

The Steepwater Band’s latest studio release, “CLAVA” (pronounced CLAY-va) finds the band hitting their most creative and focused point of their careers.

If you consider yourself an aficionado of roots based rock then Chicago based trio “The Steepwater Band” should definitely be on your radar. With the release of their newest offering “Clava”, the band is a virtual one-stop shop for all things blues, psychedelic and American guitar based hard and country rock.

Make no mistake though as this is not some out-dated stoner album, there are enough riffs, hooks and steady up tempos to keep you singing along, tapping your foot and bobbing your head while delivered with contemporary sensibilities.

Vocalist/guitarist Jeff Massey is a powerhouse axe-slinger, pounding out heavy-duty chords, super-charged leads and slide solos so dirty that you can practically see the grease flowing from your speakers. Vocally he easily shifts from soulful and sweet to gritty and hard without compromise.

The rhythm section of bassist Tod Bowers and drummer Joe Winters function like a well-oiled machine, filling out the sonorousness with substance over flash. Each member of the band is an integral part of the Steepwater sonic sphere.

No matter the mood “Clava” has something for you. Whether it’s chilling back, eyes closed and body swaying (“Remember The Taker”; “Won’t Be Long For Now”), rocking some southern-fried boogie (“Come On Down”; “Out On Love”) or kicking hard rock (“Vanishing Girl”; “High And Humble”) there isn’t a cut on this album that won’t get a reaction from you.


01 - Remember The Taker 06:11

02 - Vanishing Girl 04:13

03 - Come On Down 05:02

04 - Love Never Ends 03:41

05 - Bury My Burden Deep 04:05

06 - High And Humble 04:43

07 - Won't Be Long For Now 05:36

08 - Out On Love 03:09

09 - Off The Rails 03:53

10 - Meet Me In The Aftermath 03:50

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