Sunday, January 31, 2016

The Paladins 1999 Re'jive'inated

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:55
Size: 116,42 MB

United States

While retro-rock proponents like the Rev. Horton Heat and Amazing Royal Crowns might be quasi-famous for bringing music with such a straightforward approach to the masses, the Paladins (strait outta San Diego) are the veterans in the biz, the dog-eared, door-to-door, blue-colloar rockers who don't get no 15 minutes of fame, but make the most out of every night pouring their lifeblood-music-into the crowds that pack into the nightclubs, dives and late-hour bars all across the country. One pair of ears and feet at a time. Let me ask you something. Do you take good care of your car? Do you treat your woman (or your man as it may be) right? You probably said, "yeah", but when was the last time you took her dancing for no reason, or you dragged against some sucker who had no idea what you had under the hood? Thought So. Now put this here album on and blast it with the windows down. Your car seems to wanna go faster doesn't it? And your lady-friend? She'll tell ya...Put on your dancing shoes, tonite's the night (This is a NEW version of the 1994 LP, "Ticket Home" with another 4 tracks)


01 - Irene 01:54

02 - One Step 03:56

03 - 15 Days 03:27

04 - Everytime I See Her 02:49

05 - Look What You're Doin' To Me 02:48

06 - Wastin' My Time 02:39

07 - Re'jive'inated 03:52

08 - Ruby Lee 03:25

09 - Ticket Home 03:34

10 - Comfort You 04:04

11 - Time After Time 02:47

12 - Brand New Heart 04:28

13 - Who's Been Sleepin' 04:10

14 - One Love 04:15

15 - Elvis' Sister 02:47

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