Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Paladins 1996 Million Mile Club

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:01:09
Size: 139,80 MB

United States

The Paladins are a meat-n-potatoes, no-frills, gutbucket trio out of San Diego. Blues, Rootsy shuffles and basic Rock are the palette they paint from, and "Million Mile Club" is an pretty fair document of their ability to burn up small joints live all over the place.

The recordings here are usually pretty good and often demonstrate expanded solo spots allowing guitarist Dave Gonzales to stretch out and wail. Examples that turn out much better than the studio counterparts given the additional room to move are "15 Days Under The Hood" and "Let's Buzz". "Years Since Yesterday" has sort of a Stevie Ray Vaughan element to it, and here the solo gets blasted through some kind of Univibe type of petal that is slightly reminiscent of a sound Hendrix used to get. Things start getting more carried away later in the disc, with a nearly 10 minute "Goin' Down To Big Mary's" and finally, a spot of overkill with an interminable "One Step" to end things up--sorry guys, but that's just way too long to jam on one chord.

Most of the proceedings are peppy and driven, though, and Dave and the boys manage to wrench a lot of great music out of this lively set culled from various live recordings/dates/venues. It's worth the minor annoyances of the two excessively long songs to take in the sounds (if not the smells) of actual, sweaty, gritty Paladins live gigs. If you can't be there in person, this is certainly the next best thing. (Alan Hutchins)


01 - Follow Your Heart 05:20

02 - Every Time I See Her 02:42

03 - Let's Buzz 05:44

04 - 15 Days Under The Hood 05:33

05 - Keep Lovin' Me 05:42

06 - Kiddeo 04:54

07 - Years Since Yesterday 05:08

08 - Big Mary's 10:19

09 - What Side Of The Door Am I On 04:25

10 - One Step 11:22

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