Friday, January 29, 2016

The Amazing Rhythm Aces 1997 Out Of The Blue

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:53
Size: 120,92 MB

United States

Review by Bob Gottlieb

The loping bass, punctuating guitar, and drumstick slaps let you know right away that you have an Amazing Rhythm Aces release on your hands. This is the first good release of their material on disc which contains some wonderful quality material. The Aces are purveyors of rock-inflected country music, or countrified rock, and this amalgam is flavored with a healthy dose of blues. The intelligent lyrics are backdropped by instrumentation that perfectly augments the sentiments of the lyrics. The lead voice on most songs is Russell Smith, whose voice has gotten even better and more reflective with the passing of years. The Aces have maintained the excellent lyric content of the songs, and when mixed with their simple but elegant arrangements, they produce simply great songs. Hard to find, but worth the effort.


01 - Out Of The Blue 05:07

02 - Love's On The Way 03:44

03 - Waitin' On Sundown 04:20

04 - Cold, Cold Rain 04:59

05 - Oh, Lucky Me 04:18

06 - The Blue Room 05:05

07 - This Time Ain't Gonna Be No Next Time 03:12

08 - Out Of The Storm 03:41

09 - I Feel Forever 04:06

10 - One Love 05:03

11 - Your Love Is Working In My Life 05:19

12 - Get Down 03:59

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Power said...

Great album do you have by chance the album "How the Hell Do You Spell Rythum?"...Thanks...

The Bluesgambler said...

How The Hell Do You Spell Rythum? is already prepared for posting and will appear on the blog within the next days.

Power said...