Sunday, January 17, 2016

Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women 1996 Cleaning House

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:05:59
Size: 150,93 MB

United States

This album is another of the classic blues masterpieces the Uppity Blues Women have created. My favorite song on the album is "Love Me To Death" which I think is sung with such feeling by Andra Faye that I believe she means it. Anne Rabson's "Rocket Ship" is a classic blues piano number that on Music Makin' Mama herself can deliver. Gaye sings "I Want My Money Back" about a faded love and "discount love straight off the rack." It's an anthem of truth for many who have been there. Gaye also gets down with the song "I Lost My Baby To Another Man" but her insight into the situation is profound. Any woman who has experienced it will feel better as Gaye assures them that "the tree will grow as it's inclined" and "what does it matter, I know it's not about me."

For the acoustic blues fan, or for the fan of real music...what you hear is what you get...the ladies pull no punches on this album. Not only is it a good album to put on while workin' around the house, it's also a great party album. Once again, a must for the lover of acoustic blues. (A Customer)


01 - Because Of You 02:38

02 - Hungry Woman's Blues 04:07

03 - Rocket Ship 02:47

04 - In My Girlish Days 03:32

05 - Don't Do It 04:49

06 - (I'll Be Your) Sweet Black Angel 04:41

07 - I'd Rather Be Alone 04:08

08 - Love Me To Death 04:45

09 - I Lost My Baby To Another Man 04:29

10 - If Love Hurts (You're Not Doing It Right) 02:52

11 - Nobody But You 03:53

12 - I Want My Money Back 03:32

13 - Blues Is In The House 05:06

14 - Bad Debt 02:59

15 - Things Are Seldom What They Seem To Be 03:58

16 - Tomorrow Ain't Promised 03:20

17 - The Equalizer 04:23

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