Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Lancaster & Flavio Naves 2005 Bluesamba

Genre: Blues/Jazz
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:55:10
Size: 126,24 MB


From 2002 to 2003 Lancaster embarked on a spiritual journey in which his meditation practices were very intense and caused great change in his music. Notorious for being one of the loudest blues guitarists in Brazil, Lancaster says that during this period he just couldn't listen to any kind of loud music and therefore stayed away from the stage. He stopped playing electric guitar for two years, but kept on writing very quiet instrumentals on his acoustic guitar, heavily influenced by the smooth sounds of Bossa Nova.

At the end of 2003 Lancaster payed a visit to his cousin Flávio Naves, who had just acquired his first Hammond organ. When Flávio began playing a Jimmy Smith tune and improvising Lancaster felt a strong desire to play electric guitar again. Together they wrote several intrumentals and adapted the songs from Lancaster's meditative period to form the repertoire of Bluesamba.

Lancaster was looking for that American Bossa Nova drumming style of the 60's , and to achieve this sound he invited Danish drummer Jens Hansen to give the CD a "gringo" Bossa feel. They had worked together in Los Angeles from 1994 to 1995 as members of The Crosby Tyler Quartet. Evaldo Corrêa, a master of Brazilian rhythm styles, recorded the several layers of percussion that can be heard on the CD, and the drum part on the song Bluesamba, which required a traditional Brazilian feel. Dennis Belik's acoustic bass added a subtle touch to the rhythm section. The horns were recorded by three of Brazil's top players - Chico Oliveira, Marcelo Martins and Aldivas Ayres.

Bluesamba was recorded and mixed at Oversonic Studio in São José dos Campos. Critics praised the CD and it was launched live on national television on the Jô Soares show. Kenny Burrel, Ronnie Earl and Carlos Santana are Lancaster's main influences in Bluesamba. (http://www.lancasterferreira.com/)


01 - Caruaru 04:15

02 - Ela Gosta De Blues 03:50

03 - Copenhagem Jam 06:22

04 - Itamara 06:09

05 - Pedrinho 03:23

06 - Relaxando Com Lancaster E Flavio 05:22

07 - Bluesamba 05:46

08 - Voando Com Simpatia 05:16

09 - Sufle 05:21

10 - Ser Humano 04:25

11 - Katita 05:01

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