Thursday, January 14, 2016

Clarence Carter 1987 Hooked On Love

Genre: Soul
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:32
Size: 30,77 MB

United States

Carter's second album for Ichiban is a departure from the previous "Messin' With My Mind," which had a fairly traditional live band soul sound; "Hooked on Love," on the other hand, is essentially a one man show, with Carter playing all the instruments. Thematically, it is a very much of a piece with his previous work, in that it is, er, obsessed with the pleasures of the flesh, although a certain rueful regret manifests itself here for the first time.

On "While You Were Loving Him," the once and future Doctor of Love-ology is reduced to playing a jealous private eye, furtively snapping pictures of an unfaithful girlfriend. Later, hearing the powerful hind legs of death behind him, Clarence vows to use what nature gave him as often as possible before Father Time takes it away, noting that "Grandpa can't fly his kite because Grandma won't give it no tail." This is presumably a metaphor. Elsewhere, he turns in a very nice remake of his biggest hit, "Slip Away," and tips a hat to major musical influence Ray Charles with a surprisingly effective synth-drum laden version of "What'd I Say." (


01 - Trying To Sleep Tonight 03:25

02 - Granpa Can't Fly His Kite 06:42

03 - I Can't See Myself 03:07

04 - While You Were Loving Him 04:05

05 - I Feel It 04:39

06 - Slip Away 02:41

07 - Let Me Be The Other Man 04:19

08 - What'd I Say 04:34

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