Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Savoy Brown 1975 Archive Alive

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:54
Size: 116,44 MB

United Kingdom

Recorded live at the Record Plant (thus the name) in 1975 by the Wire Fire band, an edition of SB not usually considered one of the best, this band nevertheless rocks with fervor and jams with a passion so intense, that the result is one of the finest live albums of Kim and Co's forty years in the business. How could this be?? Well, let's start with excellent sound quality, notably lacking from most other SB live albums; it doesn't hurt that The Record Plant is a famous recording studio noted for excellent acoustics. Next, a solid bottom from bassist Andy Rae and drummer Tommy Farnell. Then two, not one, killer soloists: Founder/guitarist/guru Kim Simmonds (he of the fabulous chops!) and the gifted keyboardist and songwriter Paul Raymond. Most of the songs are jams, each about 5-9 minutes long (just long enough for a nice, juicy solo; not long enough to be BORING), with an excellent mix of time-honored SB classics ("Tell Mama," "All I Can Do," and an amazingly good "Hellbound Train") and newer material ("Hero to Zero," and one of the albums true highlights, "Born Into Pain", featuring a mesmerizing riff from Paul Raymond!) Through it all, Simmonds and Raymond repeatedly goad each other to new heights; each of these masters made some of their finest music together. Neither sing as well as Chris Youlden or Lonesome Dave, but both manage enough passion to deliver the goods. In any case, search and search again for this overlooked gem, and be sure to plant it in your collection right away!! (chris meesey Food Czar)


01 - Tell Mama 05:51

02 - Born Into Pain 08:21

03 - Hero To Zero 06:25

04 - Hellbound Train 07:29

05 - All I Can Do (Is Cry) 08:27

06 - Savoy Brown Boogie 06:44

07 - You Don't Have To Go 07:37

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