Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Michael Hill's Blues Mob 2001 Larger Than Life

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:07:32
Size: 123,55 MB

United States

This is urban blues at it's best. It's Hill's fourth cd, and IMHO his best so far. He breaks the album up into 4 different suites. Each one involving different issues like love, lust, commintment, and the trials and tribulations of life in the hood. The songwriting here is especially strong. There are so many good, well written tracks, it's hard to name a favorite.

The best set of songs come from the "Tales From The Hood" suite. Songs like "Larger Than Life" and "Hurt Nobody" offer up some of the most sizzling guitar work on the album. While "41 Shots" (not to be mistaken for Springsteen's version), drives home a hard hitting social message about the needless police shootings of a young California woman and a New York man. All the music on here stays in your head and demands second listens. As usual, Hill brings a lot of the musical genres together like Chicago blues, rock, and soul. He even does a little funk on his one cover here of George Clinton's "Cosmic Slop". And he ends the album on a high note with the latin flavored "Blessings" which also has the brilliant and beautiful guitar work.

Hill is at times a very adventurous player, who plays with a lot of passion and heart. I think he's a very underrated guitar player, and a sheer joy to listen to. Every Blues Mob fan should have this one. It's contemporary blues at it's very best. (Patrick Earley)


01 - Heat On The Highway 05:13

02 - Tonight 04:36

03 - Haunted 05:06

04 - Terrible Twos 04:05

05 - Monticello Nights 04:38

06 - Under Cover 04:25

07 - Larger Than Life 03:54

08 - 41 Shots 04:02

09 - Cosmic Stop 05:07

10 - Millie Jackson Love 04:45

11 - Hurt Nobody 03:24

12 - Big Top Shuffle 04:02

13 - Partner In Crime 04:54

14 - Bundle Of Joy 05:11

15 - Blessings 04:10

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