Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Grayson Capps 2007 Stavin' Chain

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:52:26
Size: 83,94 MB

United States

If you haven't heard of Grayson Capps now is the time to buy not one but all of his CD's. To say one is better than another is like picking out the best tasting apple, it can't be done. Sure some taste different but there all good like Graysons CD's. Stavin Chain was a band he had that broke up but they were all really talented musicians. As far as the song writing goes I would have to say that is rivals some of the greats.

Grayson is able to paint a picture with words to a point where you could swear that you were there and saw what he was talking about. He is catagorized as blues and some people may be detracted by that because he is modern and that it isn't all blues. It would be better to categorize him as New Orleans. That is what the music sounds like to me, Its all over the board from country, to folk, to blues , to rock. You name it and He playes it, but it all held together buy that New Orleans thread. Graysons voice sound a lot like Bruce Springsteen did on Greetings From Ashbury Park, yet at the same time its more bluesy. He is truly a musical Genius and also a literary genius. Critics don't like the modern Blues guys for some reason, any thing modern and they are bound to point out that its ok but its modern. Why? I don't know, maybe because the music has evolveed in to something harder to play, its not the simple 12 Bar blues anymore, its improved, its better, and as Far as Grayson Capps goes he is one of the best, far better than the Howling Wolf's of the past.

I highly recommend you buy not just this CD but all of Grayson's CD's. There are only 4 but there all well worth it. I can honestly say I have all of his CD's and there is not one bad song on them, just a bunch of great ones. (Robert Skeel)


01 - Poison 03:39

02 - Monkey Business 04:26

03 - Susan 03:07

04 - Harley Davidson 05:10

05 - Get Back Up 04:08

06 - Train 04:07

07 - Bloodshot Annie 05:40

08 - El Guapo 03:38

09 - I Don't Know 05:03

10 - Ike 05:54

11 - Bible 04:54

12 - Charlie Love And The Country Girl 02:40

Gamble for more Grayson Capps


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