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Bondi Cigars 2001 Down In The Valley

Genre: Blues
Rate: 228 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:54:31
Size: 187,27 MB


Down in the Valley 12th Anniversary live (and kicking) double album The Bondi Cigars’ music is a peculiar animal in that it takes so many ever-changing forms. Rhythm ‘n’ blues has a noble history born of blues and emerging rock ‘n’ roll somewhere in America during the war-torn nineteen forties. It is indeed a twisted path that also takes in Elvis-styled hillbilly music, big band beat, jazz, gospel and soul.

Musical labels are always confusing however some sense can be made if one generalises as follows: Hillbilly is white country music; rock ‘n’ roll is latter day hillbilly plus rhythm ‘n’ blues, and rhythm ‘n’ blues is soulful blues with a big beat. To further complicate the puzzle there is such a thing as Australian rhythm ‘n’ blues and there is little doubt that the Bondi Cigars is its greatest success story.

Formed in 1989 the band has well and truly played itself into Australia ‘s musical heart. After nearly a dozen years, a half a dozen albums and exhaustive touring schedules the band continues to attract new audiences for their music. One of the keys to the continuing success of the Bondi Cigars is the highly original songs written and performed by frontman Shane Pacey.

This is no here-we-go-again ‘covers’ band and that in itself is evidence of a genuine Australian R&B new tradition. Shane Paceys songs smack of the real R&B tradition and I when I listen to songs like Bad Weather Blues, Key to Your Heart and Don’t Bite The Hand That Feeds You I still have to remind myself that these great songs were written right here in Australia by Shane Pacey.

When the band does perform covers they do so with real bite and I further recommend you to listen to their highly original version of Bob Dylan’s Don’t Think Twice, It’s Alright. I believe the Bondi Cigars contribute a major slice of originality and excitement to the Australian musical landscape. This album celebrates their 12th Anniversary – long may their unique R&B rule this land!’ (Warren Fahey)


Shane Pacey – Guitar, Vocals
Alan Britton – Bass, Vocals
Eben Hale – Guitar, Vocals
Andrew Vainauskas – Drums



01 - Someone Else Is Stepping In 06:19

02 - I Can't Sleep 03:59

03 - Bad Weather Blues 09:40

04 - Don't Think Twice, It's Alright 05:26

05 - Calling Card 05:53

06 - Ain't No Big Deal On You 04:35

07 - Got The News 05:35

08 - Alberts Alley 06:19

09 - Driving Blindly Through The Night 06:55

10 - You're A Mystery 03:37


01 - Path Is Clear 07:50

02 - Leaving Thing 05:49

03 - Life After You 06:13

04 - Intensive Care 05:43

05 - All I Want Is Everything 04:00

06 - Don't Bite The Hand That Feeds You 07:15

07 - Cry To Me 04:26

08 - Howling At The Moon 10:26

09 - Key To Your Heart 04:31

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