Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Blues Boy Willie 1995 Juke Joint Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:17
Size: 77,48 MB

United States

There are lots of small label Blues products on the market today, but very few Blues CDs capture the eye and ear of Shirley Mae's Blues Cafe's revered house DJ Dee the BlueJay like this one. The Ichiban record label went out of business too soon. With talent like Blues Boy Willie McFalls cranking out blues jams like "Crazy Life," Ichiban was oh so close to hitting paydirt.

Who says that Blues doesn't rock?!! If you like to get up and shake your fanny to the Blues, then this is the track for you. "One Step From Poverty," "Whose Clothes Are These?," and "Marry Myself" are three tracks that never fail to arouse a chuckle or raise a high-five from my crowds. In these three tracks, Blues Boy Willie manages to cash in on all the common issues in today's relationships -- paying utility bills, raggedy cars, going to the gambling boat, cheating mates, frustrating relationships... His whiny blues delivery often catches you off guard when he sneaks in a comical retort or two. "Fat Cat Faye" is pretty racy -- definitely for late night crowds, but the rhythm is very nice -- easy to dance to. The title cut, "Juke Joint Blues" takes some getting used to, but my crowds have become attached to the roll call he does toward the end of this cut. It has a jumping rhythm -- always a plus.

Overall, this Blues Boy Willie 1995 release is a great find at any price for a true fan of the blues. If you've never heard of him before now, compare his vocal delivery to Clarence Carter and his swinging upbeat band with B.B. King's live showband. "Crazy Life" -- alone -- is worth the purchase price of this CD. Pick this one up. Trust me. You'll love it!!


01 - Juke Joint Blues 04:42

02 - One Step From Poverty 05:33

03 - I Should Have Listened 03:50

04 - Crazy Life 03:30

05 - I've Seen Blues Like I've Never Seen Before 04:23

06 - Whose Clothes Is These 04:36

07 - Marry Myself 05:28

08 - Fat Cat Faye 05:39

09 - A Sudden Change 04:36

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