Saturday, December 26, 2015

Albert Collins 1999 The Ice Axe Cometh

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:09
Size: 144,52 MB

United States

From the opening track of this album 'Brick', Albert Collins is pushing his Fender Telecaster to the limit! His 'icy' guitar sound is still so unique and influential. No-one sounds like Albert. I think what is so great about this collection is the fact that there's, obviously blues, but also funky tracks, R'n'B and some great instrumentals including his signature track 'Frosty'. It's also a fine example of why Albert is so revered and 'up there' with Buddy Guy, BB. King and John Lee Hooker as one of the most influential electric blues guitar voices.

My favourite track in this collection is 'Give My My Blues' - a real funky track with Albert singing and playing fantastic (as he does on the whole 13 tracks anyway!) This is essential stuff and if you're a real blues guitar fan, this will no doubt enlighten you and grab you're attention as Albert continues to surprise and delight you with his soulful voice and stinging Tele tone. Oh, and one more thing...Check out the track 'The Lights Are On But Nobody's Home'. It will leave you breathless! (Mark James)


01 - Brick 04:37

02 - Ego Trip 04:34

03 - Lights Are On, But Nobody's Home 06:58

04 - Too Tired 03:00

05 - Don't Lose Your Cool 04:41

06 - Give Me My Blues 04:14

07 - Highway Is Like A Woman 04:58

08 - Frosty (Live) 04:53

09 - Things I Used To Do (Live) 05:21

10 - Tired Man (Live) 05:10

11 - Master Charge 05:09

12 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues 05:08

13 - Hooked On You 04:26

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