Tuesday, November 24, 2015

The RedHot Blues 2003 Live

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:10:31
Size: 161,32 MB

United States

These days live albums seem to sound like little more than studio recordings with applause thrown in for ambience. Big 48-track semi-trucks roll up show after show and record hundreds, maybe thousands, of hours of music, which is then sorted through and processed again in the studio; sometimes even overdubs are added. There is none of that here. On the cuts included on The RedHot Blues "live, you will find the real deal, pretty much what you could expect from The RedHot Blues on any night in any bar, hiccups, blemishes, and flubs mixed right in with pure magic. We’ve never had the luxury of those 48-track semi-trucks, but I hope even if we had that we would have recorded in the same way, straight to two track, the closest you get to looking in the mirror.

I can honestly say The RedHot Blues, in all its many incarnations, never just showed up and punched the clock—we came to play. My proudest achievement as the founder and leader of the band has been the diversity we’ve achieved, becoming, in the classic sense, an Americana band. Can a show travel musically from Jimi Hendrix to Merle Haggard, from Albert King to Willie Nelson and still make sense? Hell yes. B.B. King once said that blues is not the notes you play but where those notes come from; if they are coming from the heart you are playing the blues. We play the blues.

Those who know me know I don’t like the dry atmosphere of recording studios, especially for improvisational music like jazz and blues. Partially, it’s because studios feel sterile to me, clean and proper and forgiving—you just do another take if you screw up. But it’s also because you, the audience, are a necessary ingredient in our kind of music. It can be one of you to several thousand, but our music is shaped, in part, by you. What happens on any given night in a club is a one-off, something that can never be recreated. All shows share similarities, but all shows are inherently unique. We should know. Almost eleven years after our first show, we still sit and recall this show or that show, distinguished from the others because the complicated chemistry necessary for magic came together on those nights. As much as it can be, that magic is presented here. (Junior Lee Klegseth, founder & guitarist, The RedHot Blues)


01 - Thunderbird 03:53

02 - My Baby's Bad 05:28

03 - Don't Say Never 03:15

04 - Come Back Baby 05:56

05 - I'll Be Doggone 05:48

06 - Satisfied 03:44

07 - Records Of The Blues 07:14

08 - Born In Chicago 05:36

09 - I Think I Love You Too Much 05:12

10 - One Bottle 09:03

11 - (I Feel Like) Breaking Up Somebody's Home 06:35

12 - Got Me To Vegas 04:25

13 - Whiskey River 04:22

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