Monday, November 9, 2015

Southern Drive 2009 Take A Ride

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:14
Size: 103,46 MB

United States

People have tried to classify Southern Drive's sound after experiencing a night with the boys, and some of them have gotten pretty creative. Imagine a cross between Willie Nelson and OAR, add a hint of Blues Traveler and a pinch of Skynard, pay homage to Johnny Cash and Neil Diamond, and you will find a group that is following in the footsteps of Randy Rodgers and Reckless Kelly. These are the sounds that have formed over the course of Southern Drive's existence, while maintaining a uniqueness that has earned them loyal followers.

Originally founded by Donnie Rex and KG in October of '05, the band has come a long way, gaining valuable members, friends, fans and fanatics. All compadres from before the band, the group has morphed to include a mixture of passionate life-time musicians that has enabled the band to transition from initially working various small bars playing open mic nights to bigger and better things. As they moved their way up, original music began to emerge, launching them toward their newest baby: TAKE A RIDE released to a SOLD OUT CROWD March of '08 in the Cambridge Room at the Dallas House of Blues. Currently playing various medium and large venues on a regular basis, the band is constantly working on new songs and expanding their playing radius to include more cities. Are you ready to take a ride...? (


01 - 64 03:52

02 - OKC 03:48

03 - Take A Ride 03:20

04 - Full Throttle 02:50

05 - Andi 05:43

06 - South Of The Rio 04:39

07 - Wishing Well 05:17

08 - 64-Live 04:12

09 - Like Murray 03:25

10 - The First Waltz 04:32

11 - White Trash Woman 03:36

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