Sunday, November 22, 2015

Ollie Nightingale 1998 Ollie Style

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:56
Size: 134,81 MB

United States

Review by Andrew Hamilton

The late Ollie Nightingale's recordings always capture one's attention, even when the material is mundane. Ollie Style contains some prime cuts, including bawdy blues tales like the eight-minute-plus "I'm Gonna Turn This Bed Over" and midtempo Southern soul beauties like "I'll Work for You," on which Nightingale sings "I'll work for you like a Georgia mule" to a lilting beat, accompanied by E. Nelson and Bertram Brown on background vocals. He gets things moving on "Booty Scoot," which appeared on a previous album but gets recycled and remixed for maximum effect here. Ollie Style is not without its humdrum moments -- the pop/country ballads "That's What You Are to Me" and "I'm Going to See You Again Tonight" display Nightingale's range but detract from his strengths, making him sound too smooth and pretty. The swaggering "I'm Good at What I Do," however, is right up his alley.

Overall, a good effort, and a fine introduction to Nightingale's work.


01 - I'm Gonna Turn This Bed Over 08:21

02 - I'll Work For You 05:21

03 - That's When The Blues Began 04:50

04 - Please Don't Go 05:04

05 - That's What You Are To Me 04:00

06 - Booty Scoot (Re-Mix) 05:54

07 - I'm Gonna See You Again Tonight 05:00

08 - Keepin' Up With The Joneses 04:06

09 - Love Me Till I Cry Like A Baby 04:55

10 - I'm Good At What I Do 05:28

11 - I'm Gonna Turn This Bed Over (Radio Version) 05:57

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