Saturday, November 21, 2015

Marcy Levy Band 2006 The Upside Of Being Down

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:00
Size: 89,66 MB

United States

This is Marcy's official release of her blues CD to mark the completion of what has proved to be an album with classic album status. It's one of which you'll play and play for years to come, due to the confident lyrics, most of which were penned by Levy herself. She plays divinely, with an ease and grace that melts you straight into her natural role as the 'Blues Chanteuse.' It's quite natural for Levy, who has travelled back to her roots growing up in Detroit and recently performing with some of the Blues greats in Chicago. The Album plays on her own soulful experience, due to the sincerity in her voice and the great undertones of her band, who back her up brilliantly. Michael Fell, her Harmonica player, performs brilliantly, on his mouth organ as well as the other guys on their little team of bluesical bliss.

The album contains so many wonderful tracks, which get your feet tapping and make you want to move! The Upside of Bein' Down, as a title track works very well, and compliments Levy's vocal talent. Other personal favourites would have to be the very sexy, Cotton Candy, which makes you wanna eat the Album up whole and the whole package is one sure, sweet listen! (Mike Bradley)


01 - Tell Me 03:08

02 - Happiness 05:02

03 - Lay Down Sally 03:41

04 - I Just Wanna Feel Good 02:39

05 - The Upside Of Being Down 04:16

06 - Forget About Me 02:59

07 - Sugar Daddy 02:57

08 - Singin' The Blues 04:16

09 - Hold To Your Money 02:22

10 - Love Yourself 05:22

11 - Cotton Candy 03:23

12 - Short, Sharp Shot 02:34

13 - Ugly Man Blues 03:44

14 - Jellyroll Blues 02:37

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