Thursday, November 19, 2015

Luther Allison 2009 Songs From The Road

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:21:37
Size: 186,75 MB

United States

"Songs From the Road" (Ruf Records) presents on disc and DVD one of Luther's last performances at the Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 4, 1997. Shortly after this performance, he would be diagnosed with the disease that in August 2007 would take this wonderful person away from the world. This was a representative performance with his great band of James Sjoberg, rhythm guitar; Ken Faltinson, bass guitar; Mike Vlahakis, keyboards; and Rob Stupka, drums. It was a band that played hundreds of gigs together, toured globally for several years and played with a tightness that reflected this experience.

Luther, of course, held nothing back this night from the opening moments of "Cancel My Check," to his brief encore on "Serious." There are several extended performances that never falter unlike most of his contemporaries (Otis Rush being one of the few exceptions) who could neither sustain such inspired playing and vocals that Luther could, and Sjoberg's solos add another exciting voice while maintaining the fervor of the performances. Much of this are his originals including the rocking B.B. King styled shuffle "Will It Ever Change," where he tells his woman to listen to him (with Sjoberg taking the opening B.B. King styled solo while Allison takes the longer break later), while he takes a Magic Sam recording,"What Have I Done Wrong," and places his own stamp on it.

"(Watching You) Cherry Red Wine," was always one of the climatic parts of any Allison performance as he sings about this woman destroying herself drinking herself into oblivion, while "There Comes a Time," is a soulful number as Luther confesses to be a good man who went astray and begging to be taken back by his woman, with another killer solo here. His vocal here is a standout here. Luther takes out the slide for "It Hurts Me Too" (as well as Bernard Allison's "Low Down and Dirty"), doing Elmore James memory proud with his fervent rendition of the classic. (R. Weinstock)


01 - Cancel My Check 06:42

02 - Living In The House Of The Blues 06:39

03 - What Have I Done Wrong 08:04

04 - Will It Ever Change 07:05

05 - You Can, You Can 04:30

06 - There Comes A Time 11:02

07 - (Watching You) Cherry Red Wine 11:54

08 - Low Down And Dirty 04:50

08 - Move From The Hood (from DVD) 09:41

09 - It Hurts Me Too 07:52

10 - Serious 03:18

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