Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Albert Collins 1992 Live At Montreux

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:01
Size: 132,83 MB

United States

Only seven tracks here, but "Live at Montreux" still clocks in at almost an hour, thanks to lenghty - but generally not overlong - renditions of "Put the Shoe on the Other Foot", "Too Many Dirty Dishes", and Collins' own "Lights Are On (But Nobody's Home)".

"Iceman" Albert Collins would sadly die from liver cancer the year after this album was recorded, but he is still in top form here. His crisp, stinging lead guitar lines are as good as anything I've ever heard him do; both his playing and his singing are totally focused, as is evident on the tight, punchy "Iceman" and the swaggering "Honey Hush" that open the set. Check out that fiery solo on the latter number!

Albert Collins is backed by a second guitarist, bass, drums, keyboards, and supremely funky bassist Johnny B. Gayden, as well as a tenor sax and a trumpet. Saxist Jon Smith gets off a couple of excellent, jazzy solo (the one on "Lights Are On" is particularly terrific), and the entire band lay down a beautiful canvas of sound for Collins to paint on.
The set list is a highly effective mix of tight, rocking numbers like the irresistable "If You Love Me Like You Say", and slow blues like "Too Many Dirty Dishes". And Albert Collins' playing is as fresh and inspired as anything I've ever heard from him; his lenghty solos on songs like "Honey Hush" and "Dirty Dishes" offer ample proof as to why Collins was so highly rated amongst blues guitar lovers.

There is plenty of live Albert Collins out there, but this is as good as any of it. The album closer, the instrumental "Frosty", is a bit unfocused, perhaps, but everything else is from the top shelf. Collins' music always had more than a touch of funk and soul to it, and that funk element won't be to the liking of all blues fans, but if you're into the Master of the Telecaster, don't hesitate to pick this one up. (Docendo Discimus)


01 - Iceman 04:20

02 - Honey Hush 04:08

03 - Lights Are On (But Nobody's Home) 10:59

04 - If You Love Me Like You Say 04:02

05 - Too Many Dirty Dishes 11:36

06 - Put The Shoe On The Other Foot 15:25

07 - Frosty 07:31

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