Monday, November 30, 2015

Elvis On Speed 2006 Elvis On Speed

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:25
Size: 71,87 MB

United States

They say everything is bigger in the Lonestar state, well, the fat riffs of the new awesome rock n’roll combo don’t come any bigger! Raised on beer, barbecues, fast women and southern boogie hardrock, Elvis On Speed unashamedly celebrates virtues of badass 70s rock 'n' roll, yet they make it sound extremely fresh and vital to modern ears.

The Austin trio was kind enough to send me their brilliant debut album, and guitarist Billy Leger Jr. offered some insightful answers to what the rock beast Elvis On Speed is all about. Other members include bassist Chris Gillis and new drummer Shawn Alvear. (


01 - Stacked Deck 02:59

02 - Dealin' With The Devil 02:59

03 - That's That 03:04

04 - Screw Loose 02:13

05 - All The Way 04:56

06 - I Was Rock & Roll (When Rock & Roll Wasn't Cool) 02:40

07 - Knocking At Your Door 02:40

08 - Tear It Up 02:26

09 - Off The Road 03:22

10 - Goodtime Baby 04:06

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The Cadillac Kings 2004 Highway 17

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:58:09
Size: 132,92 MB

United Kingdom

The Cadillac Kings play Blues, Swing/Jump -blues, R&B, old Rock 'n' Roll and a bit of Zydeco! The band comprises of people who are at the very top of their game. These are some hot players!

The song writing is top-notch, even in comparison to our friends across the pond, and they get that big warm American sound and feel perfectly. Put simply, if you're into authentic Blues played with real taste then you won't be disappointed. Get it!! (


01 - Bombshell Blonde 02:55

02 - Exercisin' Baby 02:27

03 - Highway 17 04:41

04 - Hilde's Hop 01:53

05 - You Never Know 03:46

06 - She's Gonna Ruin Me 03:08

07 - Money Talks 03:22

08 - Hardtop Boogie 02:30

09 - Trick Of The Blues 05:08

10 - Throwin' A Dragnet 04:01

11 - Lovinest Girl 03:03

12 - Shake Baby Shake 04:52

13 - Who's Been Lickin' My Chicken 03:06

14 - Watch Yourself Brother 13:17

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Lynyrd Skynyrd & Friends 1978 All Star Southern Jam

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:22
Size: 108,64 MB

United States

Following the tragic LYNYRD SKYNYRD plane crash of October 1977, chances of any sort of musical reunion of the surviving members looked slim. Leon Wilkeson had suffered internal injuries so devastating that doctors had initially declared him dead at the scene of the crash. Allen Collins had such severe injuries to his right arm that the limb almost had to be amputated. Gary Rossington had also suffered terrible injuries in the crash, breaking both arms, both legs, both wrists, both ankles and his pelvis. Only Artimus Pyle and Billy Powell were deemed to be well enough to be released from the hospital within two weeks of the crash.

However, Charlie Daniels gave new hope to fans in January 1979, when he announced "Lynyrd Skynyrd is back!" on the stage at his 5th Annual Volunteer Jam at Nashville's Municipal Auditorium. Skynyrd took to the stage & performed the J.J. Cale song 'Call Me The Breeze', with Taz DiGregorio from the CHARLIE DANIELS BAND on vocals, and an instrumental version of 'Freebird', with a spotlight on Ronnie Van Zant's hat hanging on a microphone stand.

Collins, Rossington, Powell and Pyle performed both songs with DiGregorio, Charlie Daniels and CDB bassist Charlie Hayward. Leon Wilkeson, who was still undergoing physical therapy for his badly broken left arm, was unable to play, but was in attendance along with Judy Van Zant, Teresa Gaines, JoJo Billingsley and Leslie Hawkins. The show featured other Skynyrd related tributes including 'Grey Ghost', a tribute to Ronnie Van Zant by the HENRY PAUL BAND, and 'Reflections' by the Charlie Daniels Band.

In late 1978, in preparation for this tentative return to the stage, the surviving members of Skynyrd had begun rehearsing at Studio One in Doraville, Georgia for the first time since the crash. As time passed, word got round that the band were working at Studio One, and many of their long-time musician friends began to drop by to catch up & wish them well. This led to lengthy late night jam sessions with a revolving cast of musical well-wishers stopping in to join in, and helping the Skynyrd guys shake off the rust from their time away. Participants included members of some of Southern Rock's best known bands, including members of THE OUTLAWS, THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, WET WILLIE & THE CHARLIE DANIELS BAND.

These jams started sounding so good that it was decided to record events over a few of these sessions, although it's unclear whether it was planned to commercially release the recordings.

The unofficial album 'All Star Southern Jam 1978' , credited to Lynyrd Skynyrd & Friends, is culled from these sessions, with some tracks featuring introductions by Gary Rossington & Allen Collins which were recorded for a later radio broadcast of the session highlights. The album concludes with the emotional 12 minute instrumental version of 'Freebird' recorded in January 1979 at the 5th Annual Volunteer Jam.


01 - Cocaine 08:18

02 - Reflections 06:13

03 - Southbound 05:01

04 - I Don't Want To Go Down There 03:47

05 - That's The Way I Want It To Be 05:29

06 - Sing Another Country Song 05:04

07 - Ain't That Loving You Baby 05:01

08 - Call Me The Breeze 07:56

09 - Freebird (Live) 12:33

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Blues Boy Willie 1992 I Got The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:58
Size: 89,17 MB

United States


01 - Hard Headed Woman 04:02

02 - Restless Soul 04:50

03 - I Got The Blues 05:34

04 - Stream Line Woman 04:11

05 - Keep Lovin' Me Baby 03:53

06 - Be Who 05:18

07 - I Ain't Doing Too Bad 05:12

08 - I Need Your Love 05:58

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Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Backsliders 1991 Hellhound

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:51:28
Size: 117,69 MB



01 - Travelling Riverside Blues 03:21

02 - Taking A Stroll Downtown 03:38

03 - Texas Tony 02:05

04 - Kokomo 05:15

05 - I Wish You Would 02:53

06 - Mr Johnsons Blues Today 02:39

07 - Jean Harlow 02:44

08 - Casey Jones 02:42

09 - Hellhound On My Trail 03:30

10 - Guitar Intro 00:43

11 - Smokestack Lightning 05:03

12 - 99 Years 02:55

13 - King Edwards Blues 02:28

14 - Stop Breaking Down 03:57

15 - Preaching Blues 07:35

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Bootleg Kings 2001 Ride Again

Genre: Blues
Rate: 140 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:04
Size: 42,05 MB

United Kingdom

Bootleg Kings Ride Again is a second live disc presenting Bill Wyman and his Rhythm Kings released in May 2001. Wyman formed the Rhythm Kings as a labor of love and was surprised when the band's popularity caught on with British and European audiences. The musicianship of this band surpasses all expectations and is one band to be caught live on stage.

Eight of the nine tracks are from their 2000 British Tour while one song hails from a 1999 British Tour. This disc features Gary Brooker on vocals & piano, Georgie Fame on vocals & organ, Albert Lee on vocals & guitar, Janice Hoyte and Beverley Skeete on vocals, Martin Taylor and Terry Taylor on guitar, Nick Payn and Frank Mead on horns, Henry Spinetti on drums, and Bill Wyman on bass. Graham Broad appears once behinds the skins for track 8.

"Baby Workout", featuring lead vocals by Beverley Skeete, is a rollicking number punctuated by the horn section and a background chorus. Guitarist Albert Lee handles the lead vocals on "Jump, Jive And Wail" as the Rhythm Kings swing and sway with abandon. Wyman's bass guitar notes bounce along in this tailor-made song.

Another version of "Mystery Train" appears on this disc. This second take showcases a vocal duet between Gary Brooker and Georgie Fame. Multiple guitar parts build this rendition its strength, which closes with Nick Payn's humorous toot-toots on his harmonica. Second female vocalist Janice Hoyte takes her turn on "Hello Little Boy". The band sprints during this performance with Wyman's prominent bass lines once again.

"Georgia On My Mind" makes a repeat appearance on this second helping as well. Singing solo, Georgie Fame is accompanied by guitarist Martin Taylor. This wonderful performance usually begins the band's encore set. All in all, another outstanding Dirt Boys Production. (


01 - I'm Ready 04:38

02 - Lead Me To The Water 05:35

03 - Baby Workout 03:35

04 - Jump Jive And Wail 04:19

05 - Mystery Train 06:43

06 - I'll Be Satisfied 03:06

07 - Hello Little Boy 03:21

08 - Baby You Got What It Takes 03:49

09 - Georgia On My Mind 06:58

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Al Copley 2002 Jump On It

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:12
Size: 57,13 MB

United States

Review by Robert L. Doerschuk

There's nothing particularly blue about Al Copley's blues -- not that there's anything wrong with that. The point of Jump On It is to party, no matter what the tempo. A snappy horn section jabs the rhythm players on classic jump tunes like "Hoy Hoy Hoy" and "I Ain't Gonna Do It," a re-creation of Jerry Lee Lewis's manic crash through "Great Balls of Fire," a medium-tempo sashay over Fats Domino piano triplets on "Someday," a smoky Mose Allison groove on "Stranger in My Hometown," a sly, risqué reading of "The Big Ten Inch Record," and a fresh arrangement of the ultimate good-time track, "Louie Louie." On each cut, Copley sings with a smile on his face, his voice husky and warm, his phrasing impeccably idiomatic. His piano never misses the mark either, from rumbling two-fisted tremolos to last-call, upper-register tinkles.

None of it breaks new ground, nor is it deep emotionally; aside from one brief reflection on hate during a pause toward the end of "Send Me Someone to Love," he pretty much keeps his entertainer hat on throughout the whole album. It is, luckily, a perfect and satisfying fit.


01 - Last Thing I Needed 03:17

02 - Hoy Hoy Hoy 02:27

03 - The Big Ten Inch Record 02:37

04 - Louie Louie 03:05

05 - Great Balls Of Fire 01:52

06 - Stranger In My Hometown 02:56

07 - Please Send Me Someone To Love 05:55

08 - Someday 03:18

09 - How Sweet It Is 03:12

10 - I Ain't Gonna Do It 02:33

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Tim Williams 2009 Passed Through Here (Selected Recordings)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:52
Size: 64,32 MB

United States Canada

A compilation of tracks from mostly out-of-print cds from 1993 to 2000, by a folk/blues singer songwriter and extraordinary multi-instrumentalist.


01 - On Down The Road 02:38

02 - In Rehearsal For The Blues 04:53

03 - Riverboat Rendezvous 03:18

04 - Poor Boy 02:14

05 - A Two Car Family 03:57

06 - The Fool You Always Knew 03:49

07 - Letting Go Of Love 03:31

08 - The Buckdancer's Choice 01:42

09 - Death Ain't Got No Mercy In A Storm 02:55

10 - If I'm Not The One To Love You 03:22

11 - Leavin' Here Laughin' 04:11

12 - The Arms I Crave 03:49

13 - Summerland 02:51

14 - Can I Bring My Clothes Back Home 03:42

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Saturday, November 28, 2015

Josh Garrett & The Bottomline 2009 Live On Printer's Alley

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:27:03
Size: 199,11 MB

United States

This is an outstanding live, DOUBLE album with that special Louisiana Flavor. This album was recorded live in 2009 on Nashville's historic Printer's Alley .................. Another "must have" from this South Louisiana bayou artist. (cdbaby)


01 - Preacher 03:49

02 - Tore Down 06:20

03 - Take Me Home 05:11

04 - Damn Shame 08:35

05 - Zydeco Boogaloo 04:34

06 - Champagne And Reefa' 10:16

07 - Movin' On Up 04:47

08 - Mojo 06:12

09 - Worried Life Blues 11:53

10 - Iko Iko 05:02

11 - Hate To See Ya Go 05:24

12 - Kind Hearted Woman 06:15

13 - Changed Man 08:45

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David Raitt & Jimmy Thackery 2001 That's It

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:39
Size: 129,58 MB
United States

A marvellous soul vocalist, David Raitt teams up with guitar killer Jimmy Thackery on That's It! Reunited for the first time since their high school blues band, the two middle-aged blues hounds get down to business on rough Chicago-styled offerings like their original "Tell Me," Mack Rice's jivey classic "Cheaper to Keep Her," Roosevelt Sykes' "Driving Wheel" and the funky Michael Bloomfield-Nick Gravenities tune "Me" along with Stax/Volt-styled R&B fare like "I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled and Crazy." Thackery is in particularly aggressive form on his slow blues "Watch Your Back" and on a raw, nasty rendition of Howlin' Wolf's "How Many More Years," on which he also summons up a most menacing Wolf imitation on vocals. And Raitt swoops and swoons like a sanctified canary throughout. These two make a formidable tag team of the blues. (


01 - I'd Rather Be Blind, Crippled, And Crazy 03:44

02 - Tell Me 03:48

03 - Me 04:55

04 - Same Thing 04:33

05 - How Many More Years 04:55

06 - Seven Days 03:20

07 - Watch Your Back 05:43

08 - It Takes Time 03:48

09 - Cheaper To Keep Her 03:48

10 - That's It 05:48

11 - Driving Wheel 03:36

12 - Dirty And In Love 03:33

13 - Cold Heart 05:08

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Paolo Bonfanti 1999 On The Outside

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:41:27
Size: 56,88 MB


Disco consigliato BUSCADERO (aprile 2000) è un altro lavoro intriso della solita passione viscerale per la musica degli U.S.A; dal blues al roots-rock, dalla canzone d'autore al country e bluegrass, con la partecipazione, tra gli altri, di Red Wine e del grande songwriter americano Jono Manson. (


01 - On The Outside 03:46

02 - Sometimes 03:34

03 - Northwestern Hopeless Blues N. 2 03:41

04 - Northwestern Slight Return 03:55

05 - Move Slow 04:20

06 - Homebreaker Blues 03:06

07 - Crazier Than You 02:26

08 - Between Me And You 03:45

09 - Ferrari's Walk 02:19

10 - Another Song 03:55

11 - Valley Jam 03:07

12 - Times Ain't Changed At All 03:33

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