Monday, October 12, 2015

Ransom 1983 Ransom EP

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:24:22
Size: 55,82 MB

United States

Sleeve notes from the original privately pressed 1983 Ransom 12" vinyl EP.

RANSOM were a six piece Southern Rock/Hard Rock band formed in West Memphis, Arkansas in the 1970's by guitarist brothers Bill & Kenny Kellon. With a brilliant rhythm section foundation in place, comprised of drummer Scott Miller and bassist Ricky Tatum, the band set about finding the guitarists they needed to fulfil their musical vision. After a long search, they settled on three guitar players (yes, three!), who were so perfect for the job, that Bill reluctantly decided to put his own guitar away and focus on his duties as frontman instead. The six string triumvirate of Chuck Davenport, Wade McVey and Kenny Kellon, enabled the band to play harmony parts like their heroes in LYNYRD SKYNYRD and as a result that influence came through strongly in the Ransom sound.

After several years of slogging it out on the live circuit, Ransom decided that they wouldn't keep on waiting for the big record deal which might never materialise. They booked studio time in Tennessee, and out of their own pockets, financed a professional recording session which yielded four fantastic finished songs.The songs showed that this was a band who could rock hard, but who also possessed a strong melodic sensibility, and the songwriting skill to come up with catchy hooks too.
These are the tracks which comprised the bands rare self-titled four song 12" privately pressed 1983 EP.


01 - Southern Whiskey 03:14

02 - Damzels In Distress 03:49

03 - End Of The Highway 03:25

04 - Rock & Roll Alibi 03:38

05 - Snow In The City (Bonus) 05:19

06 - Say Your Goodbyes (Bonus) 04:57

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