Wednesday, October 21, 2015

Piel De Pueblo 1972 Rock De Las Heridas

Genre: Psychedelic Rock
Rate: 252 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:58
Size: 66,17 MB


Here's a tasty little treat from 1972, Viajero Inmovil's reissue of Piel De Pueblo's Rock de las Heridas, a hard rocking slice of Argentinian psychedelic hard rock. Piel De Pueblo released only this album, as their career was pretty short, but it made a statement upon its release, displaying the considerable talents of guitarist/vocalist Pajarito Zaguri, lead guitarist Nacho Smilari, bassist/vocalist Carlos Calabro, and drummer Willy Pedemonte.

These are mostly hard rock songs with a touch of psychedelia and proto-prog sounds, with the band keeping the songs fairly short and to the point, allowing for some tasty riffs and searing solos from Smilari. The one long song, "La Tierra En 998 Pedazos" is 9-minutes of psychedelic jamming, with Smilari's scorching lead break providing plenty of excitement. The tune also features some added piano for effect from bassist Calbro, who also throws in plenty of lead bass work as well. The band sounds like a mix of early Jethro Tull and Cream on the heavy blues rock of "Jugando a las Palabras" (a song that features some white hot wah-wah guitar work), and they brought in Hector Lopez Furst to contribute some electric violin on "Para Tener In Poco Mas" and "El Rockito de la Bufonada", giving these songs a rootsy flavor that will remind you of The Flock, the first band of former Mahavishnu Orchestra/current Dixie Dreg violinist Jerry Goodman. On a few occasions, like on "Sexo Galactico", "La Palida De Nacho" and "Silencio Para Un Pueblo Dormido", the sounds like Argentina's answer to Italy's Alphataurus, who were actually a contemporary of Piel De Pueblo.

If you have any interest at all in early 70's hard rock & proto prog, this is a fun little nugget to check out. With strong Spanish vocals and plenty of ripping guitar work, Rock de las Heridas is a worthy reissue, with a nice digital remaster from Viajero Inmovil. It's a shame this band was never able to record a follow up. (Pete Pardo)


01 - Silencio Para Un Pueblo Dormido 04:45

02 - La Tierra En 998 Pedazos 09:12

03 - Jugando A Las Palabras 03:49

04 - Por Tener Un Poco Más 03:07

05 - Sexo Galáctico 05:59

06 - La Pálida De Nacho 02:53

07 - Vení Amigo A La Zapada 03:09

08 - El Rock De La Bufonada 03:04

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gustavo malvarez said...

Este es un gran disco, lo tengo en vinilio y lo bajo para tenerlo en cd, era una tipica banda rockera progresiva y de blues como lo fue tambien El Reloj, buen hallazgo