Monday, October 26, 2015

Neil Young & The Bluenotes 1988 This Note's For You

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:24
Size: 90,12 MB


"This Notes for you" was largely overlooked when it was released. Much was the same for other releases from this period in Neil's career; such as "Life", "Landing on Water",and "Everybody's Rockin'. For these three records Neil was in the process of getting out of his creatively constricting contract with Geffen Records. "This Notes For you" was his return to his original label "Reprise". Many had written him off; but for those of us who knew Neil; this was a triumph. Never one to become stuck in a rut, Neil came in screemin'.

"Ten Men Workin'" opens with a vengeance. A heavy guitar and blasting horns prepare the listener for what awaits. The title cut is one of Neil's many "ANTHEM" songs, and was accompanied by a music video that was quickly banned from MTV. It portrayed many famous look-a-likes, selling their souls for various products. "Coupe de Ville" must be one of Neil's finest moments. Smooth as silk; this song transports you. He creates an audio painting of love and pathos rare in modern music. This song contains an absolutely beautiful guitar solo. Neil shows how LESS is so much MORE. It may be what he doesn't play that makes this particular solo so completely satisfying. "Life in the City" is brass infused rock at it's finest. Big, brash, and makes your feet dance. "Twilight" is another brilliant ballad which puts guitar and horns together in a way that I've never heard before, and with amazing results.

This disc has some of Neil's most adventures work to date. Check out "Lucky Thirteen" to hear some "Live" work from this "BIG" band. If you like "BIG" music, you'll love "This Notes for You". Neil's only record with that "Big Band" sound, and one where the whole band shines. Think of it as a quick bend in the road towards "Ragged Glory". Enjoy the ride! (Dan Swan)


01 - Ten Men Workin' 06:29

02 - This Note's For You 02:06

03 - Coupe De Ville 04:18

04 - Life In The City 03:14

05 - Twilight 05:55

06 - Married Man 02:39

07 - Sunny Inside 02:37

08 - Can't Believe Your Lyin' 02:59

09 - Hey Hey 03:05

10 - One Thing 06:02

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