Thursday, October 8, 2015

Mary Bridget Davies 2011 Wanna Feel Somethin'

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:18
Size: 96,76 MB

United States

The Mary Bridget Davies Group was the International Blues Challenge second place winner. They are enjoying the success of their new CD, Wanna Feel Something, with Mary handling the lead vocals, Dave Hayes on guitar and vocals, Gary Roberts on bass and vocals, Chris Hazelton on organ, keys and vocals, Joe Voye on drums and vocals, Pete Carroll on trumpet and vocals, Nick Rowland on saxophone and vocals, and Aaron Thomas on tambourine.

The first tune, “Your Kinda Love” by G. Roberts, opens with shades of Muddy Waters as Mary delivers the blues like no other female vocalist that you will hear! “Won’t Pay You Mind,” another original song, offers a superb rocker by this extraordinary group of musicians. Dave Hayes will impress you with his guitar solos on the original, slow number “Same Ol Blues.” Mary will set you straight with her bold and beautiful vocals on the fast pace, funky, K. Massey tune “Real Thing.” It delivers some tasty rhythm and lead guitar, along with support from a very sharp horn section. Another original song, “Getting Stronger” opens and continues with a raw slide guitar, along with that “Janis” quality that can be heard in Mary’s vocals. Chris Hazelton is showcased on organ with the original song “Wanna Feel Something” and the Eagles mega hit “Take It To The Limit.” Mary delivers her own gospel performance with her vocals that you won’t hear on the original Eagles version. You will receive some good advice from Mary on the original song “Trick The Devil” blended with smooth slide guitar solos. The band shifts gears with the muted trumpet opening on the Noel Gallagher jazz tune “Wonderwall.” Mary Bridget Davies shows you how versatile her vocals can be on the concluding Chi Coltrane tune “Thunder and Lightnin’.”

You have to experience vocals and a band performance like this for yourself. This CD smokes from beginning to end. This has to be one of the premier bands to capture live! (Rick Davis)


01 - Your Kinda Love 03:36

02 - Won't Pay You Mind 03:34

03 - Same Ol' Blues 04:00

04 - Real Thing 04:01

05 - Gettin' Stronger 04:50

06 - Wanna Feel Somethin' 03:38

07 - Take It To The Limit 05:20

08 - Trick The Devil 04:35

09 - Wonderwall 05:34

10 - Thunder And Lightnin' 03:10

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