Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Luther Allison 1987 Serious

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:46:19
Size: 105,88 MB

United States

As bluesmen go, Luther Allison rocked, especially on Serious and subsequent recordings. This 1987 recording marked the beginning of a more rock-oriented approach for the singer-guitarist, which certainly contributed to Allison's rise in prominence, a climb that continued until his death in 1997. Serious is a bundle of barely restrained energy, from the opening chords of the stomping shuffle "Backtrack" to the wry "We're on the Road." "Life is a Bitch" is straight-up rock & roll, and "Parking Lot" crunches and burns all the way through. But Allison was also capable of a tender moment or two, and "Reaching Out" edges all the way into soul. "Just Memories" contains real sweetness, and "Show Me a Reason" is tightly wound from its slow-burning opening to its rock-out finish.

Serious is often underrated, possibly because of its rock & roll overtones, but its energy and enthusiasm make it required listening for Allison aficionados. (Genevieve Williams)


01 - Backtrack 02:53

02 - Life Is A Bitch 03:39

03 - Reaching Out 04:55

04 - Parking Lot 02:39

05 - Serious 05:06

06 - Just Memories 06:00

07 - Should I Wait 03:18

08 - Show Me A Reason 07:13

09 - Let's Try Again 06:47

10 - We're On The Road 03:49

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