Saturday, October 3, 2015

Lamont Cranston Blues Band 2001 Lamont Live!!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 201 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:59:39
Size: 173,94 MB

United States

I have been into this band for over 30 years. They always hit the mark and roll headon, taking no prisoners. Miss seeing "Moon Light On The Brocken Glass" and "Seven (used to be my lucky number)" But I got it on an album they recorded in an old converted barn. I guess those cold winter nights up north give you plenty of time to master your craft and masters they are. This is not a sleeper, IT ROCKS!!! (O.D.R.#1)


01 - Ridin' With Daddy 04:45

02 - Hoodoo Man 05:12

03 - Roll With Me 06:26

04 - What A Party 03:49

05 - I Don't Wanna Know 05:20

06 - Come On In This House 06:47

07 - I Couldn't Put You Down 04:45

08 - She's Murder 05:10

09 - Five Long Years 06:14

10 - Lickin' Stick 09:43

01 - Madison Blues 04:50

02 - Fever 05:28

03 - Streets Around Here 05:11

04 - Two-Way Wishin' 05:18

05 - Hold On 05:21

06 - Sweet Sixteen 10:45

07 - Sadie 06:10

08 - Upper Mississippi Shakedown 08:08

09 - E-Jam 10:17

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Rocdoc said...

Thank you SO much for posting THIS lamont live album.
I'd requested it recently at another blog after it's link was expired and didn't see it here the last time i'd gone through.

I saw the band a couple of times at wise fools pub in chicago early 90s and they were incredible - as great a harp player as pat hayes is, he also plays an incredible slide guitar. wish he did more of that...well, at this late date - best we can hope for is that we're all alive, eh?

Thanks again for keepin' the faith!

The Bluesgambler said...

Rocdoc you are welcome here in my little casino. I am always glad if I can help with good music and rare gems.