Friday, October 16, 2015

Albert Collins 1991 Iceman

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 32000
Time: 00:43:27
Size: 39,84 MB

United States

This 1991 release is the 10th studio album from the coolest ice picker of them all, Albert Collins, and his fifth for Alligator records, THE blues label of the era. Sadly it was to be his last album before his untimely death from cancer shortly after the release.

Collins had a totally unique style that served him well throughout his recording career. At the heart of it was his unusually tuned guitar and the way he would pluck at the strings with his thumb and forefinger, eschewing a pick, and creating a sharp, clear, aggressive sound. He put this basic sound at the heart of a series of tracks that combined blues with a strong funky soul element (amplified by the use of horns and bass) and quite often a strong sense of humour.

Collins was a showman first and foremost, always finding new ways to surprise, amaze and entertain the audience. From this comes his desire to show off what he can do with the guitar, and his singing style which has a story telling quality and a sense of humour. This album shows off all these elements, with track after track of great funky blues as he tells stories of his trials and tribulations in life. An excellent buy for all those interested in blues. It's different from the usual blues music that you are probably familiar with, but all the better for it. (Victor)


01 - Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins 05:12

02 - Iceman 05:04

03 - Don't Mistake Kindness For Weakness 06:12

04 - Travellin' South 03:06

05 - Put The Show On The Other Foot 05:30

06 - I'm Beginning To Wonder 04:12

07 - Head Rag 03:55

08 - The Hawk 02:38

09 - Blues For Gabe 03:43

10 - Mr. Collins, Mr. Collins (Reprise) 03:55

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