Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Albert Collins 1983 Don't Lose Your Cool

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:12
Size: 91,93 MB

United States

Like another reviewer, this album was the first Albert Collins album... actually, first BLUES album I ever got... and boy did I play the heck out of it... and considering that the screaming sound of the B-3 on it had such an impact on me and years later I did become a B-3 player, it must have been a lot more influential than I realized at the time.

The interesting thing about the album is that a lot of it seems to border on "soul Jazz" - - Collins never departs from his Chicago Blues roots (*well, for the record he was a Texan, still...), however, the trademark Collins "cool tightness" is there... For some blues fans, this might come across as sounding a bit subdued, however, for me, who like Collins also is a big Jimmy McGriff fan - - I can dig it. The key note, however, is that although Collins guitar playing is GREAT as all his albums were, the strong point of the album is not his guitar, but the overall band/tunes and arrangements (of course, capped by the presence of the great Albert Collins.)... Another strong point is Chris Foreman's great and juicy sounding organ/organ playing and accompanying - - he even gets some nice action on the ballad MY MIND IS TRYING TO LEAVE ME.

All in all, I first heard this album about 25 years ago... and its still sounding good to me... passes the test of time - - dat for sho'! (Eddie Landsberg)


01 - Get To Gettin' 03:05

02 - My Mind Is Trying To Leave Me 07:37

03 - Broke 04:08

04 - Don't Lose Your Cool 04:43

05 - When A Guitar Plays The Blues 05:15

06 - ...But I Was Cool! 03:11

07 - Melt Down 04:06

08 - Ego Trip 04:36

09 - Quicksand 03:31

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