Monday, September 21, 2015

Zoo 1969 Zoo

Genre: Psychedelic Blues Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:39:36
Size: 90,55 MB


Legendary French Psych/Jazz Rock ensemble, born as Question in 1968 out of the band New Strangers with Joël Daydé on voice, Daniel Carlet on sax/violin and Michel Herve on bass. The rest of the crew were Michel Bonnecarrere and Pierre Fanen on guitar, Tony Canal on trumpet, Michel Ripoche on violin, soon to be joined by Andre Herve on keyboards and Christian Devaux on drums, forming a small Jazz orchestra. They were signed by the Riviera label and recorded their self-titled debut is just two days during April 69' at the De La Gaite Studio in Paris, reputedly around the same time the group changed its name to Zoo.

Zoo played a rich and charming Psychedelic/Jazz Rock with influences ranging from BLOOD SWEAT & TEARS and CHICAGO and ending up in FAMILY and EAST OF EDEN. With a large crew onboard they secured a nice sound, full of mellow jazzy or bluesy grooves, led by Bonnecarrere's and Fanen's smooth guitar stylings, sligthly folk touches with fine violin parts and psych inspirations with the Hammond organ in evidence. A huge aura of wind instruments is always in the air, adding Soul and Funk touches to the style, while there are also a couple of covers included: 'Memphis train' of Rufus Thomas and 'You sure drive a hard bargain' of Albert King.Interplays and long instrumental battles are always present with an atmosphere coming from light Jazz-inspired moods and stopping on dramatic violin themes. Dayde's voice is another positive asset, a singer with a husky chord similar to FAMILY's ROGER CHAPMAN. 'Rhythm and Boss' and 'Samedi soir à Carnouet' are propably the best examples of Zoo's inventive Psych/Jazz/Soul Rock with long organ solos, trumpets in orgasm and some great violin textures, but the most progressive track is definitely the closing 'Mammouth', a masterful instrumental piece with constant, atonal battles between organs and violins, irritating guitar chords and schizophrenic mannerisms by Herve towards the closing part, torturing his organ even more than KEITH EMERSON ever did. (apps79)


01 - If You Lose Your Woman 04:10

02 - Ramses 04:41

03 - Bluezoo 05:42

04 - Rhythm And Boss 04:44

05 - Memphis Train 03:24

06 - Samedi Soir A Carnouet 05:56

07 - You Sure Drive A Hard Bargain 03:28

08 - Mammouth 07:31

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