Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Joe Nadeau 2002 Burning Sands

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:51
Size: 104,15 MB

United States

Burning Sands is the first solo release for blues/rock guitarist and songwriter Joe Nadeau. Nadeau has been around the roots rock movement in Texas for several years. It was in Dallas that Nadeau met a very young Kenny Wayne Sheppard and a mentor/student relationship jelled. Nadeau led Sheppard's band for a number of years and contributed to his Ledbetter Heights disc. Not surprisingly, the first single from Burning Sands is "Tell Me What It's All About," featuring Sheppard. The strength of Burning Sands lies in Nadeau's ability to incorporate soul, folk, country, and blues with a slight hard rock edge. His years of development on the Dallas music scene have paid off. (Al Campbell)


01 - Now She's Mine 03:45

02 - High Cost Of Livin' Low 05:27

03 - Tell Me What It's All About 03:20

04 - Burning Sands 04:38

05 - Just Another Day 07:58

06 - The Lovin' Is Right 03:45

07 - Raise Your Right Hand 03:48

08 - It's On 04:04

09 - Uncle Bob's Blues 05:14

10 - How It All Went Down 04:53

11 - I'll Help You Pack 07:01

12 - What You Do To Me 02:58

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