Friday, September 25, 2015

Grayson Capps & The Stumpknockers 2008 Rott 'n' Roll

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:43:33
Size: 99,59 MB

United States

The tunes here can be divided into mindless rockers and more serious, but still rocking, singer/songwriter tunes. "Gran Maw Maw" is a simple country-folk-rocker with a throwaway lyric; "Sun Don't Shine on Willy" is a chuggin' blues about a town drunk; "Big Ole Woman" is a celebration of hefty females that uses the Claude Demetrius Elvis hit "Hard Headed Woman" as its template (Tommy MacLuckie lays down a scorching guitar solo midway through). "Sock Monkey" is a mindless bit of Southern rock and the instrumental "Bacon" lets Capps show off his guitar prowess, and while the tunes are all fun, they're slight. Capps fares better on his serious songs. "Back to the Country" is an anthemic rocker that pays tribute to the Southland with a down-home lyric, driving rhythm, and nice distorted guitar work. "Arrowhead" is a poignant tribute to life's simple pleasures, delivered in a voice touched by weary joy. The singer of "Psychic Channel Blues" knows that if he cheats on his departed wife, he'll never see her again, but the temptation is still there, and the music is tense and bluesy, portraying the struggle of a man who wants to do right but fears he'll do wrong. "Guitar" is a slow-grinding blues that tells the story of a musician with nothing to show for a life on the road but his guitar and his songs. Capps' understated delivery underscores the tune's hopeless vibe.


01 - Back To The Country 04:09

02 - Arrowhead 03:35

03 - Gran Maw Maw 01:34

04 - Psychic Channel Blues 03:15

05 - The Waltz 03:10

06 - Big Black Buzzard 03:13

07 - Ike 05:30

08 - Sun Don't Shine On Willy 03:10

09 - Big Ole Woman 02:52

10 - Guitar 03:42

11 - Fear Fruit Bearing Tree 01:12

12 - Sock Monkey 02:33

13 - Bacon 05:38

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