Saturday, September 19, 2015

Bare Bones Boogie Band 2010 Red Album

Genre: Blues
Rate: 262 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:29
Size: 79,11 MB

United Kingdom

With an Award-winning and critically acclaimed lineup featuring Helen Turner (Vocals), Iain Black (Guitar), Trev Turley (Bass), and Andy Jones (Drums), the Bare Bones Boogie Band takes you on a fantastic journey, with something new and special around each corner that most of us have not experienced before, as they present their brilliant rendition of Rock, Blues, and Boogie. In fact this is what I like to call a selfish Album, one that you sneak away with, to listen to in complete privacy, with eyes closed and no chance of being distracted. It is then that you truly appreciate every nook and cranny the Bare Bones Boogie Band has waiting for you to explore. I particularly liked the way the band branched out giving the listener a bit of a freestyle jam feel to a lot of the songs. (John Vermilyea)


01 - Baby, Baby Be Mine 06:10

02 - Black Cat Strikes Back 04:45

03 - Full Tilt Boogie Man 03:24

04 - One Good Man 06:09

05 - Sister Sunshine 03:48

06 - I'd Rather Go Blind 05:46

07 - Live With Me 03:26

08 - Simple Suggestion 04:01

09 - Throw Me A Line 04:20

10 - Early Monday Morning 03:40

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