Sunday, September 13, 2015

Andy J. Forest 2003 Deep Down Under (In The Bywater)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:44:58
Size: 102,89 MB

United States

Andy J. Forest comes at you from all sides. A talented musician, poet and painter, he is one of those people whose life is a non-stop work of art. "Andy is such a force," said Anders Osborne, who has produced Forest's last two albums. "Once he starts playing there's so much energy." Last year Forest bought a house in the Ninth Ward on Piety Street and he's had his hands full renovating the place from stem to stern ever since. His 15th album, "Deep Down Under In the Bywater," is filled with songs about his new home.

Osborne sought to bring out Forest's individuality in the recording." What I like about Andy is the way he writes in a different kind of poetic style, especially with his blues background," said Osborne. "The first time we hooked up he brought me pages and pages of song ideas and lyrics and they were really stories. So the idea came up, 'What if you just read the stuff, not so much as a spoken word thing, but telling the story as you go." (John Swenson)


01 - We Win 04:26

02 - Bywater 03:56

03 - Fat Chance 03:52

04 - Voodoo Lips 04:04

05 - Tongue Tied 03:22

06 - Long Dark Road 04:16

07 - Weak Point 05:22

08 - Levee En Rose 02:13

09 - Imaginary Friend 04:18

10 - Eurostar 03:48

11 - All I Need 03:08

12 - Lost Song 02:13

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