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Vic Chesnutt 1992 Drunk

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
Rate: 246 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:11:47
Size: 119,86 MB

United States

Review by Stewart Mason

Released barely a year after West of Rome but recorded with an almost entirely different cast of musicians (only Scott Stuckey remains, promoted from engineer to producer), Drunk is further proof of the remarkable creative streak Vic Chesnutt was running in the early '90s. The album was primarily recorded over the course of a three-day weekend at a rural farmhouse owned by Stuckey's aunt, with Chesnutt playing guitar and multi-instrumentalist Rob Veal playing nearly everything else, giving the album the same consistency of sound and vision as Chesnutt's debut, Little, but with a newfound rock & roll directness.

Chesnutt's first album with as many electric guitars as acoustic, Drunk features some of his finest songwriting, particularly on the opening rocker, "Sleeping Man," the catchiest and most memorable song Chesnutt had yet recorded, and a simply lovely musical setting of Stevie Smith's poem "One of Many." (In a bit of a cheat, "Sleeping Man" is reprised toward the album's end, the exact same recording fortified with overdubbed vocals by Syd Straw and slide guitar from John Keane.) Other highlights include the goofy "Super Tuesday," a brief workout for Fender Rhodes and ukulele, and "When I Ran Off and Left Her" and "Kick My Ass," two songs that show how even more pointedly autobiographical Chesnutt's lyrics were becoming. Chesnutt has said that the album's title refers to his own level of inebriation during the sessions, which he refers to in the scribbled liner notes as "a party for three days," but this is ironically his most focused work so far.

Drunk was Chesnutt's first record for the major-label-affiliated Caroline Records, yet it seemed to pass under the radar compared to his earlier indie releases; it was reissued in 2004 by New West, with the addition of nine bonus tracks recorded between 1992 and 1994, including the beautifully affecting "Lillian Gish," a live take on Bob Dylan's "I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine," and an early version of "Gravity of the Situation," from 1995's Is the Actor Happy?


01 - Sleeping Man 04:40

02 - Bourgeois And Biblical 02:01

03 - Steve Smith Spoken Intro 00:34

04 - One Of Many 02:15

05 - Supernatural 03:36

06 - When I Ran Off And Left Her 02:54

07 - Dodge 04:10

08 - Gluefoot 02:23

09 - Untitled Snippet 00:36

10 - Drunk 03:30

11 - Naughty Fatalist 03:13

12 - Super Tuesday 01:25

13 - Sleeping Man (Syd Version) 04:44

14 - Kick My Ass 02:39

15 - Cutty Sark 03:03

16 - Lillian Gish 03:13

17 - Arthur Murray 02:39

18 - Bad Boy Town 02:53

19 - Great Buffet 02:43

20 - Spoken Intro 00:13

21 - Aunt Avis 03:05

22 - Spoken Intro 00:33

23 - Gravity Of The Situation 04:40

24 - Spoken Intro 00:29

25 - I Dreamed I Saw St. Augustine 04:48

26 - Spoken Intro 00:16

27 - Naw 04:32

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