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Vic Chesnutt 1990 Little

Genre: Singer/Songwriter
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United States

Review by Bill Janovitz

Vic Chesnutt is a singer/songwriter who can divide a room, and that might be one of the highest compliments one can pay. Listeners can be turned off by his personal style that values storytelling -- though not necessarily straightforward narrative -- over smooth and even-metered rhymes. But his legion of fans -- including many singer/songwriters -- embraces these very distinguishing characteristics. He is surely an original, taking up the traditional music streams of folk, country, and rock & roll and producing his own idiosyncratic song style. It is tempting to place Chesnutt in the Southern gothic literary tradition. There is a certain Southern flavor in his songwriting -- Southern in the sense that the lyrics are peopled with misfit outsiders who forge their own way, all described through Chesnutt's own cracked lens. But Chesnutt's scope extends well beyond the South, with allusions ranging from the San Franciscan expatriate dancer Isadora Duncan to the English poet Stevie Smith, whose voice is heard here in an aural collage tribute.

Michael Stipe, who produced Little, felt compelled to get the songs recorded after seeing live performances of Chesnutt. Stipe described Chesnutt as "an acerbic reporter on the events of the town [Athens, GA], who could've been lost forever." The folky and folksy songs on Little are all treated with a D.I.Y. spirit and an unflinching eye, both of which probably come in part from Chesnutt's background in punk and indie rock as well as his regional influence. Though Little is a dense work, with often unwieldy verbiage and melody occasionally sacrificed in favor of getting a line out, Chesnutt nevertheless sings some gorgeous pop-flavored tunes.


01 - Isadora Duncan 04:38

02 - Danny Carlisle 02:59

03 - Gepetto 02:29

04 - Bakersfield 02:28

05 - Mr. Riley 03:23

06 - Rabbit Box 02:17

07 - Speed Racer 04:44

08 - Soft Picasso 03:30

09 - Independence Day 03:53

10 - Steve Smith 02:03

11 - Bernadette 01:30

12 - Vernon 03:00

13 - Acting So Bad 02:42

14 - Elberton Fair 02:36

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