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Travis Wammack 1972 Travis Wammack

Genre: Southern Rock
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:35:40
Size: 48,88 MB

United States

By 1969 Travis Wammack was on the Fame Records payroll as a full time sessions player adding his guitar to scores of pop, rock and soul albums recorded in Muscle Shoals. In 1972 Wamack was given a chance to record a solo album. Produced by Hall, the cleverly-titled "Travis Wammack" proved surprising on a number of fronts.

1.) For a guy known for his speed-of-light fret work, Wammack had a great voice. Quite versatile, he was one of those guys with an almost chameleon-like ability to adapt his voice to virtually any genre. As a result he was equally adept at a pretty ballad like Cat Steven's 'How Can I tell You', or a crushing rocker such as 'Be Good'.

2.) I'm usually skeptical of cover album, but for a non-writer Wammack showed excellent, if eclectic tastes across these ten tracks.

3.) You can't ignore his guitar. The fact of the matter is that Wammack may well be one of America's most overlooked rock guitarists. Even though he seems to have made a concious decision to downplay his playing, what was on display was pretty amazing - anyone doubting his chops need only check out his performance on the James Gang's 'Funk # 49'. (RDTEN1)


01 - So Good 03:54

02 - How Can I Tell You 04:44

03 - Put On Your Shoes And Walk 02:46

04 - You Better Move On 03:14

05 - Funk #49 04:10

06 - You Are My Sunshine 04:12

07 - Whatever Turns You On 03:00

08 - Darling You're All That I Had 03:35

09 - Slip Away 02:53

10 - I Don't Really Want You 03:12

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