Friday, August 14, 2015

Raw Hide 1997 Gypsy Moon

Genre: Blues
Rate: 160 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:35
Size: 61,29 MB


In August 1993 I received a request for my latest CD from Markovic Miroljub in Varvarin, Serbia. He asked for it as a gift since there was no value for Yugo money at the time. I sent him several different artists as well, asking only for a sample of local blues music. In return he sent LPs and CDs featuring Serbian blues bands. I was most impressed by RAW HIDE, and after I moved from Alaska to Arkansas Vlada asked me to come over to produce the new CD and play several shows with the band.

Upon arrival I was immediately taken in as "one of the gang" by the members of the band, and we hung out quite well together (most essential: even more then the music! ). We played a blues festival in Belgrade as our first gig and the band responded to me better then many American blues bands, and sounded better then most! (a bonus for Jovan and I was to meet and talk with Jr. Wells: our idol became our friend ).

As we continued to play together i began to appreciate to the deep feeling for the blues these guys have. The commitment of Stan and Giba to playing with feeling rather then licks they learned : the fact that Mickey and Misha lock in to a groove without "showboating , and the depth of feeling Jovan has for the music and his instrument.

After many musical adventures from Sabac to Senta to Belgrade, we went into the studio (big enough for the symphony!) where they really proved themselves to be professionals. In two days it was recorded (most tracks are first takes, with very few overdubs) and mixed in one 12 hours marathon. We went directly to my farewell gig at club St. James, and three goodbye parties the next night. This band is a mighty force: not just for Serbia, but for the planet: listen to RAW HIDE, a world class blues band. (Gary Sloan)


01 - Gipsy Moon 03:21

02 - No More Doggin' (faults) 03:13

03 - I'm Eager 04:47

04 - Four Roses 08:01

05 - Taylors Ark 04:23

06 - Stuff You Gotta Watch 03:59

07 - Don't Count My Days 02:55

08 - The Screwdriver 03:16

09 - My True Love 04:00

10 - Dreamed Up My Dreams 06:52

11 - Star Bounce 03:50

12 - Doin' My Thing 04:58

Gamble for more Raw Hide

Unfortunately track 02 has some faults. For a link to a faultless track 02 I would be very grateful. Post the link in the comments please or upload it directly to me.

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