Saturday, August 8, 2015

Mason Ruffner 1994 Evolution

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:37
Size: 122,80 MB

United States

Ft. Worth guitarist and singer Mason Ruffner played in Bourbon Street clubs like the Old Absinthe Bar. He was a regional star, had a high pompadour, a gold tooth smile with a tiny guitar inlaid. He had a few records out and some explosive licks with funky edges, rockabilly tremolo-influenced, wrote songs, too, said that he'd hung around libraries reading Rimbaud and Baudelaire to get his language down. He also told me that as a teenager he had played with Memphis Slim.

I thought I had something in common with him there. I'd played with Big Joe Williams when I was coming up. Mason had some fine songs. One of them had the line, "You do good things for people and it just makes them bad.

I would have thought about recording it if I didn't have my own originals. (Bob Dylan)


01 - I Got A Flame 03:36

02 - Kings Highway 03:59

03 - Angel Love 03:40

04 - Lament In 6/8 03:16

05 - Let The Spirit Go 04:09

06 - Loaded Down 06:00

07 - You Are The Best 04:42

08 - Evolution Song 03:58

09 - The Ragman 05:36

10 - Steel Rain 04:43

11 - Warriors Bliss 05:02

12 - Farewell 04:56

Gamble for more Mason Ruffner


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