Monday, August 3, 2015

Mason Ruffner 1987 Gypsy Blood

Genre: Rock
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:57
Size: 74,89 MB

United States

Review by Bob Gottlieb

This CD, in places, just cranks it up and spits out a wall of undiluted rock and roll. Straight ahead full speed ahead and tell everything to get out of our way.

"Gypsy Blood," and "Dancin' on Top of the World," are two cuts that really stand out in this vein. A couple of the tracks just seem to be languishing in a daze as if they've suffered a concussion, and can't decide which way to go. This CD is produced by Dave Edmunds, and I like a lot of his work because when it hits, it hits hard. The band is tight, just sometimes lacking that guiding hand. The hard-charging "Courage" alone makes this a worthwhile disc, and there is more than just that track to pick the listener up.


01 - Gypsy Blood 04:36

02 - Fightin' Back 04:14

03 - Dancin' On Top Of The World 03:42

04 - Distant Thunder 04:44

05 - Courage 03:47

06 - Runnin' 04:21

07 - Under Your Spell 03:56

08 - Red Hot Lover 03:30

09 - Baby, I Don't Care No More 03:33

10 - Ain't Gonna Get It 04:34

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