Sunday, August 16, 2015

Linsey Alexander 2006 My Days Are So Long

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:13:57
Size: 169,08 MB

United States

This is my third CD that I made. My first CD “I’m tired” had only four songs on it, three of which are included here. My other CD “Someone’s cooking in my Kitchen” was produced 2 years ago and still is up and rolling. I also have two live blues CDs.

This CD has the same rhythm as “Someone’s cooking in my Kitchen”. It combines both, blues you can dance to or blues you can sit down and listen to. None of the songs were written or exist on paper. They came to me and were created while being on stage. All of the songs on this CD are written by me, they are the documentary of me, things that I have experienced or currently going through. A CD explains you better than you can explain yourself to somebody who doesn’t know you. (Linsey Alexander)


01 - Where Did You Take Your Clothes Off Last Night 04:54

02 - My Days Are So Long 04:23

03 - I Had A Dream 05:05

04 - I'm In Love With A Woman 05:41

05 - How Could You Do Me Like You Done Me 08:18

06 - That Ain't Right 05:36

07 - I Gotta Move 06:15

08 - Mona Lisa Was A Man 06:33

09 - Reefer And Blow 05:19

10 - I'm Tired 07:03

11 - User 03:07

12 - Higher 08:02

13 - Thanks 03:41

Gamble for more Linsey Alexander


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