Saturday, August 15, 2015

Larry Garner 1998 Standing Room Only

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:04
Size: 110,01 MB

United States

Larry Garner is one of the blues' great unknown treasures. His songs and vocals are witty, intelligent and sophisticated. He has a great sense of humor and always features a dynamite band to back up his searing guitar. Critics and fans alike love his top-shelf material.

"A Driving Woman" jumpstarts the CD with Garner's hot electric guitar at the fore. He's got a high-maintenance woman driving him crazy. "Do Your Personal Thing" is a typical song, bopping along and spiced with Garner's personal observations on daily life. The Angels of Background Vocals add a great touch. "The Strangers Blues" is a thoughtful piece about reminiscing, with Garner's warm vocals and touching lyrics blending well. "Don't Start Crying" is a slow blues tune illustrating the artist's versatility. His sense of humor shines through on "Keep the Money" and "PMS," the latter song offering a tongue-in-cheek condolence to his baby when she gets those "once a month blues." "Out in the Country" and "I'll Run Cross You" are two more fine originals, both examples of Garner's strong writing. Standing Room Only rocks along with a top -notch band to keep things smoking, and "Last Encore" ends things on a high note with an energetic farewell.

All that said, this review could be condensed to three words: Buy this CD! It is another masterfully crafted collection of sophisticated modern blues songs. (Scott C. Davis)


01 - A Driving Woman 04:45

02 - Do Your Personal Thing 04:40

03 - Strangers Blues 04:25

04 - Keep The Money 04:07

05 - Don't Start Crying 04:15

06 - Out In The Country 03:08

07 - I'll Run Cross You 04:19

08 - P M S 04:42

09 - Drifter 06:01

10 - Cold Chills 05:22

11 - Last Encore 02:20

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