Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Beverly Jo Scott 1999 Amnesty For Eve

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:47
Size: 129,83 MB

United States Belgium

"Amnesty for Eve" is a collection of works that range from the emotionally charged Chain Link Fence to the erotico-funk Mona Lisa Klaxon. Several of the titles were written in collaboration with her still existing band and makes this project all the more interesting.

The package also includes a special bonus c.d. " French Kiss " featuring four titles in French and the surprising frenglish duo with Arno , that is sure to get a buzz going. The duo is released as a promotional product only ( not to be commercialized) under the title of "Jean Baltazaarr ". It's a medley of two rock icons , Jacques Dutronc's " La Fille De Père Noël " and David Bowie's " The Jean Genie ", which could become, backed by it's dynamite video clip, is sure to make a great impact on media and public alike.

The future holds no bars for this prolific and energetic artist, who adores communicating with people from all over Europe, the United states, and Asia ( where she traveled and performed with Roland Van Campenhout ).

Be it through her music, poetry or good old southern cooking, Beverly Jo has left many a memorable moment behind her ? and she's stomping towards the future in loud clompy boots. (BJ Scott)


01 - When The Nickel Drops 05:05

02 - Chain Link Fence 04:17

03 - Mona Lisa 06:39

04 - Cool 05:25

05 - Bye-Bye Baby 05:42

06 - Charades 04:11

07 - Dinah Lee (By Arnold Hughes) 00:48

08 - Daddy's Little Girl 05:45

09 - Wide Open 04:54

10 - Twisted 04:38

11 - Heart For Sale 04:53

12 - Jean Balthazaarrr (Duo Beverly Jo & Arno) 04:30

Gamble for more Beverly Jo Scott

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