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The Glenn R. Townsend Band 1993 Rockin' The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:17
Size: 51,43 MB

United States

Glenn R. Townsend, born in Sulphur, Oklahoma, moved to Tulsa at the age of four. His music career began in 1961 with just two week’s practice; Townsend played his first gig with the regional rhythm & blues touring band Ram Rods as a rhythm guitarist.

In the early ‘80s, the Glenn R. Townsend Band was created. Townsend started playing blues rock; during this time, his band had played at a variety of venues in the five-state area.


01 - Let Me Love You 05:05

02 - The Jazzer 03:39

03 - Sad Ole Story 06:24

04 - Crossroads Blues 07:24

05 - T Town Blues 05:38

06 - My Little Baby 04:57

07 - Rocket In My Pocket 04:43

08 - Texas Flood 08:08

09 - Call My Baby, Baby 04:41

10 - Hard To Try 05:38

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Blues Broers 1998 The Cellar Tapes

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:58
Size: 123,46 MB

South Africa

The tone for fun is established in the opening Bo Diddley beat of the whimsical 'I'd Rather Be Sad Than Happily Married' and continues as the band plays a well done live set of electric blues.

The liner notes quote Willem Möller, recording engineer, "The songs were recorded straight onto master, mixed on the premises, and not stirred in the studio." It shows, too, because this live album has that live musician chemistry of watching a performance.

The second track, 'Life's a Melodrama' has a funky lounge rock feel with streetwise lyrics delivered in a c'est la vie voice. This song, like many on 'Cellar Tapes', has liberal doses of sharp electric guitar, right on time bass, and energetic, alert-to-the-moment drums.

By the end of this Blues Broers set, you've been treated to flashy yet meaningful-to-the-song guitar work, up-tempo jams, a nice introduction to the band, and some fine original songs in various blues styles: blues-rock, walking blues, and so on -- with some slower, casually earnest numbers interspersed, such as 'Dragonfly'.

Like y'all, I've heard my share of live albums. Most seem to fail to capture the fun, spontaneity, and special magic of live music. Not these guys. This CD captures live music so well I can almost feel the music, taste the beer, smell the cigarettes, and hear the bartender yell, "Last Call, everybody out of the pool!" at the end. I leave pumped up and with a head full of music.

I've been hearing about the Blues Broers for some time, and have caught some of their tracks and musos on the Tassenberg live CDs. Here we've got Albert Frost, Agent Orange, Rob Nagel, John Mostert, the late Frank D. Frost, and special guest, Clayton Frick. You know these guys, and they know the blues, and rock.

'Empty Bars' is a melancholy treatise on the sameness of women the singer has met lately. The pace picks up with the road blues song 'Dragonfly', then goes to the heavy blues traditional-sounding 'Dolly Mae'. A band introduction, the rollicking 'Glove', then 'Cellar Tapes' closes with the ribald 'Black Eye Snake'.

Treat yourself to some music about being blue that makes you feel good. Blues are for sharing. Treat yourself to some fun blues, to the Blues Broers. (Kurt Shoemaker, Blanco, Texas, SA Rock Digest, April 2002)


Dr John Mostert: vocals
Albert Frost: guitars
Rob Nagel: bass, harmonica
Frank Frost: drums
Simon Orange: keyboards


01 - I'd Rather Be Sad 03:25

02 - Life's A Melodrama 02:45

03 - Hate To See You Go 03:06

04 - Solo 03:18

05 - What Went Wrong 02:29

06 - Double Trouble 03:16

07 - Josie 03:08

08 - Baby Done Gone 04:46

09 - Automobile 02:46

10 - Empty Bars 04:05

11 - Dragonfly 03:50

12 - Dolly Mae 09:36

13 - Glove 03:53

14 - Black-Eyed Snake 03:35

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Kathi McDonald & Bill Parker 2002 Sex Not Guaranteed

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:20:01
Size: 45,82 MB

United States


01 - Snakebit 02:41

02 - Love In Vain 03:13

03 - The Heartbreak Kid 05:28

04 - Sex Not Guaranteed 02:42

05 - Kiss In The Dark 03:51

06 - That's Fine 02:06

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Blues Broers 1996 Sharp Street

Genre: Blues
Rate: 224 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:32
Size: 68,17 MB

South Africa


01 - My Automobile 02:45

02 - Graveyard Train 02:42

03 - Dolly Mae 04:52

04 - No-Ones's Going To Take Me 02:41

05 - I'm A Wildcard 03:45

06 - Glove 02:49

07 - Blue Dolphin 03:16

08 - Electric Train 03:39

09 - Nothing On The Blues 03:05

10 - Submarine 03:17

11 - Door 02:27

12 - Hell No 03:05

13 - Magic Alice 04:09

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Tampa Red 1973 Bottleneck Guitar (1928-1937)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:42:43
Size: 97,74 MB

United States

Tampa was one of the best slide guitarists ever. This collection features 14 good tunes from his early days in Chicago. From instrumentals like "You Got To Reap What You Sow" and "Denver Blues" to songs with help from Half Pint Jaxon and the legendary Ma Rainey. Plenty of that dirty '30s sound here. (sundazed)


01 - Frankie Jaxon - It's Heated 03:26

02 - Tampa Red - You Got To Reap What You Sow 03:19

03 - Tampa Red - What Is It That Tastes Like Gravy 02:47

04 - Ma Rainey - Black Eye Blues 03:17

05 - Tampa Red - The Duck Yas Yas Yas 02:54

06 - Madlyn Davis - It's Red Hot 03:09

07 - Georgia Tom With Tampa Red - If You Want Me To Love You 03:11

08 - Tampa Red - No Matter How She Done It 03:14

09 - Tampa Red - Through Train Blues 02:45

10 - Tampa Red - Seminole Blues 03:02

11 - Madlyn Davis - Too Black Bad 03:10

12 - Tampa Red & His Hokum Jug Band - Come On Mama Do That Dance 02:47

13 - Tampa Red - Denver Blues 02:55

14 - Lil Johnson - House Rent Scuffle 02:47

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Blues Broers 1995 Been Around

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:46
Size: 104,71 MB

South Africa

biography by Steven McDonald

There is an easy argument to make for the Blues Broers (pronounced "brews") taking the blues right back home, being that Africa is the original starting point for the musical spirit that eventually became the blues, courtesy of the slave trade. In some respects, however, the best argument for the Blues Broers is that they came together out of a perverse drive to fly in the face of the South African music industry and succeed with the kind of music that SA music executives were determined no one really wanted (an attitude parodied in the hidden track "The Ballad of Barry Dale," from their fourth album, Been Around).

The band was formed by members of three other bands -- the Flaming Firestones, All Night Radio and Black Frost -- early in 1990, with the Breakfast Brothers horn section being added in 1996 for the recording of their fourth album. The band started playing a heavy gig schedule, criss-crossing South Africa, building a great audience without managing to impress any of South Africa's record companies. The band refused to be stopped by this, however, recording their first album, Shake Like That, in 1990 for a 1991 release on cassette on the band's own Guava Records label. The album, featuring nine original numbers by former band member Johnny Frick, sold out quickly. A second cassette release, Damn Fine Mojo, was recorded in mid-1994 under the supervision of the band's constant producer Willem Moller. The album, released in October of 1994, featured 16-year-old guitar prodigy Albert Frost.

The third album, Sharp Street, followed another wave of personnel changes. Released on CD in June of 1995 to general acclaim, the album included more original material and a range of styles that included everything from ragtime to Chicago blues. The band was beginning to attract worldwide attention by this point, including an extensive mention in the Los Angeles Times, whose reporter was very taken with the visual image of the group. 1996's Been Around extended the band's reputation even further, with fourteen original cuts that took in everything from the band's skiffle set to a tribute to Stevie Ray Vaughan. The late 1996 release of the CD was followed by numerous festival appearances, as well as the usual round of extensive gigging.


01 - Been Around 02:22

02 - Black-Eyed Snake 03:31

03 - Fool 02:34

04 - Double Trouble 03:10

05 - Gambling Man 02:41

06 - Call Me 02:24

07 - Lemon And Lime 02:42

08 - Hurricane Bobby 05:24

09 - It' Raining 02:55

10 - Let Me Tell You 02:27

11 - Hate To See You Go 02:36

12 - Silver Kitchen 03:21

13 - Field Of Wheat 02:15

14 - Dragonfly 03:51

15 - The Ballad Of Barry Dale 03:33

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Sandy Carroll 1997 Memphis Rain (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 259 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:44:38
Size: 82,82 MB

United States

To those who have never heard Sandy Carroll LIVE on Beale Street in Memphis, this CD is one of the best alternatives! The tempo of each song flows into the next keeping even the slow dramatic tunes lively. From the opening number, "Forecast Blues," there is a Down South funkiness that starts one's foot to instantly tapping. With funky songs like that and "Blues Thang," to lighthearted whimsy like "Too Many Hats" and "Honey Lovin' Gumbo," the entire CD soundtrack offers something for everyone.

First time that I played this was like heaven. Sandy has a blues voice that truly stamps her as one of the most unique and memorable talents to come along -- this is especially evident with all of the "copy cat" sameness to most of American music these days. I must have played this CD to death the first 2 weeks that I had it. But, as much as I've played it, it draws me back like a good hot cup of Joe on a cold winter morning! (Anon Emus)


01 - Forecast Blues 03:46

02 - Too Many Hats 03:26

03 - Memphis Rain 04:26

04 - While You're Up 02:33

05 - Help Me Bear It All 05:03

06 - Honey Lovin' Gumbo 02:35

07 - Blues Thang 03:56

08 - Just As I Am 04:23

09 - Feel Like Love 02:49

10 - Good Line 03:42

11 - Memphis 04:24

12 - Bad Dog Boogie 03:35

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Atlantis 1974 Ooh, Baby

Genre: Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:38:15
Size: 87,54 MB


One of Atlantis's stronger efforts in their typical 70's mainstream AOR style, with a nice balance of hard and soft tracks and some great heavy moments ("Godfather"), and funky pop ("Smiling People"). (PROGROCKASAURUS)


01 - Brother 03:13

02 - Son Of A Bitch's Son 03:55

03 - Waiting And Longing 03:18

04 - Mr. Bigshot (You Get The Credit) 05:37

05 - The Way I Choose 03:51

06 - Ooh, Baby 02:55

07 - Smiling People 03:35

08 - New York City 04:46

09 - Godfather 03:48

10 - Leave It To The Devil 03:17

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Robert Ward & The Black Top All-Stars 1990 Fear No Evil (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 252 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 00:49:27
Size: 92,01 MB

United States

This is a gritty, soul-searching performance by Ward. His guitar is not tuned perfectly, his voice breaks when he tries to hit the high notes, but the result is the most haunting set of tunes I have ever heard. (a customer)


01 - Your Love Is Amazing 04:17

02 - Born To Entertain 02:28

03 - Forgive Me, Darling 03:02

04 - Your Love Is Real 03:02

05 - Something For Nothing 04:11

06 - Fear No Evil 03:07

07 - Trying My Best 03:53

08 - Strictly Reserved For You 03:37

09 - So Tired Of Wandering 02:39

10 - Blessings 03:50

11 - Newborn Music 03:13

12 - K-Po-Kee 03:08

13 - Lord, Have Mercy On Me 05:02

14 - Dry Spell 03:58

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Idiot Grins 2017 State of Health

The Idiots are proud to bring you our latest release, STATE OF HEALTH. More rock, some soul, some funk, and great players for you. The Byrd Sisters bring lovely harmonies and class it up a bit. Great horns, great guitar, some pedal steel and some fun songs. What more do you want? Geez! Give it a try already.

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