Saturday, May 27, 2017

Tom Hunter 1999 Big Thunder (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 267 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:55:36
Size: 102,94 MB

United States

Although you can find Tom on a number of recordings, providing excellent keyboard work for other artists, this CD is all his. "Big Thunder," an eleven song, fifty-six minute effort by Tom, and some of the best musicians around, is an excellent example of great blues piano. The four original compositions take you on a journey of sorts, through loneliness, despair, and troubled relationships.

The song that grabs you first is "Stop," a story of regaining control, and taking charge of a life gone astray. These four Hunter originals are good blues songs. Rounding out the disc are a number of old favorites, including, "Bad Bad Whiskey," and "Smack Dab In The Middle." Tom put together a good group to take into the studio, Jon Gunvaldson (guitar), Rob Stupka (drums), Gordon Johnson (bass), and Kenni Holmen (sax). Together, they have produced a fine CD. You will also hear echo's of Charles Brown, as Tom has dedicated this CD to the memory of the late piano great, as well as to Tom's own children. A very good CD, highly recommended to blues piano buffs, and to all blues music lovers. (This review is copyright © 1999 by Michael Evan, and Blues On Stage)


01 - Stop 04:37

02 - Smack Dab In The Middle 05:31

03 - Fools Paradise 05:24

04 - B.T. Boogie 04:19

05 - Bad Bad Whiskey 04:38

06 - She's So Fine 05:03

07 - No One To Come Home To 04:17

08 - Goin' Down Slow 07:20

09 - Stumble 05:11

10 - Beer Drinkin' Woman 03:11

11 - Trouble In Mind 06:05

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The Butterfield Blues Band 1966 East-West (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 262 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:45:02
Size: 86,94 MB

United States

Review by Mark Deming

The raw immediacy and tight instrumental attack of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's self-titled debut album were startling and impressive in 1965, but the following year, the group significantly upped the ante with its second LP, East-West. The debut showed that Butterfield and his bandmates could cut tough, authentic blues (not a given for an integrated band during the era in which fans were still debating if a white boy could play the blues) with the energy of rock & roll, but East-West was a far more ambitious set, with the band showing an effective command of jazz, Indian raga, and garagey proto-psychedelia as well as razor-sharp electric blues.

Butterfield was the frontman, and his harp work was fierce and potent, but the core of the band was the dueling guitar work of Mike Bloomfield and Elvin Bishop, especially Bloomfield's ferocious, acrobatic solos, while Mark Naftalin's keyboards added welcome washes of melodic color, and the rhythm section of bassist Jerome Arnold and drummer Billy Davenport were capable of both the rock-solid support of veteran blues players and the more flexible and artful pulse of a jazz combo, rising and relaxing with the dynamics of a performance.

The Butterfield Blues Band sounded muscular and exciting on classic blues workouts like "Walkin' Blues," "Two Trains Running," and "I Got a Mind to Give Up Living," but the highlights came when the band pushed into new territory, such as the taut New Orleans proto-funk of "Get Out of My Life, Woman," the buzzy and mildly trippy "Mary, Mary," and especially two lengthy instrumental workouts, the free-flowing jazz of Nat Adderley's "Work Song" and the title track, a fiery mix of blues, psychedelia, Indian musical patterns, and several other stops in between, with Butterfield, Bloomfield, and Bishop blowing for all their worth.

East-West would prove to be a pivotal album in the new blues-rock movement, and it was the Paul Butterfield Blues Band's greatest achievement; Bloomfield would be gone by the time they cut their next LP to form the Electric Flag, and as good as Bishop was, losing the thrust and parry between the two guitarists was a major blow. But East-West captures a great group in high flight as the bandmembers join together in something even more remarkable than their estimable skills as individuals would suggest, and its importance as a nexus point between rock, blues, jazz, and world music cannot be overestimated.


01 - Walkin' Blues 03:21

02 - Get Out Of My Life, Woman 03:15

03 - I Got A Mind To Give Up Living 05:01

04 - All These Blues 02:24

05 - Work Song 07:56

06 - Mary, Mary 02:52

07 - Two Trains Running 03:56

08 - Never Say No 03:00

09 - East-West 13:17

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Friday, May 26, 2017

Ruthie Foster 2006 The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 250 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:44:38
Size: 82,19 MB

United States

This is a exceptionally good cd by a very talented soul singer. She is also a fine songwriter and all her songs here are interesting. She also does strong readings of other artists material in particular Son House's People Grinning In Your Face. Highly Recommended! (Eddie Soye)


01 - 'Cuz I'm Here 03:07

02 - Heal Yourself 04:33

03 - Fruits Of My Labor 04:42

04 - People Grinnin' In Your Face 03:23

05 - Up Above My Head (I Hear Music In The Air) 03:46

06 - Harder Tan The Fall 03:32

07 - Beaver Creek Blues 03:56

08 - Mama Said 05:02

09 - Phenomenal Woman 04:25

10 - A Friend Like You 03:44

11 - I Don't Know What To Do With My Heart 04:28

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T-Bear & The Dukes Of Rhythm 2008 Broadway Twist

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:49
Size: 104,86 MB


Superb band from Sweden that has soaked up the original music of the masters, up to Kim Wilson and Ronnie Earl. T-Bear's a great leader, powerful singer and talented guitar player. Ad great harp, B-3 sounds and horns from time to time. Original material. Recommended. (




plus horns


01 - Hippie Creek Lady 04:02

02 - Broadway Twist 03:00

03 - Girl You're Electric 04:11

04 - She's My Woman 03:19

05 - Stumble Back To Go 04:20

06 - It Takes Time 02:58

07 - Buzz You All Night Long 03:35

08 - Hard To Believe 03:07

09 - Come Back Baby 03:33

10 - Don't Leave Your Heart Behind 06:53

11 - Meanest Girl 03:32

12 - Boogie Contest 03:19

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Thursday, May 25, 2017

Jeff Liberman Project 2003 Jazz 'n' Blues (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 277 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:05:19
Size: 129,18 MB

United States

Eclectic Offering of Rock, Jazz and Blues.


01 - This Is The Moment 04:16

02 - Chameleon 03:23

03 - Inside 03:02

04 - Awakening 03:51

05 - White Room 04:47

06 - The Blues Over Carmel Bay 03:30

07 - No Safe Harbor 04:16

08 - Don't Leave Me Cold 04:23

09 - Before The Dawn 04:08

10 - The Thrill Is Gone 04:48

11 - Moonlight Dancing In Her Eyes 02:40

12 - Melancholy Me 04:32

13 - It's A 'Feel' Thing 04:50

14 - On The Edge 02:14

15 - I Shot The Sheriff 04:41

16 - Political Jam 03:06

17 - Jazz 'n' Blues 02:52

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Mostar Sevdah Reunion 2006 Saban

Genre: Gypsy
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:15:08
Size: 137,45 MB

Bosnia & Herzegovina

No matter whether you meet Saban Bajramovic in person or through song – he is bound to lead you into another world. You hear him, you see him, and there you are, already on the other side.

If you listen carefully, you will hear from Saban the most amazing story, the one about freedom; a Gypsy story! Telling us that one is free when he is liberated from all that has been so far and from all that is going to be from now; he is free NOW.

You will hear. Makes no difference that you don’t speak Gypsy language. He doesn’t even say the words; he sings it.

You will hear and, believe me, you’ll feel better. Now. (Tanja Berclaz)



01 - Shitar Luludja 03:24

02 - Shukar Feriza 03:44

03 - Bele Ruze 03:36

04 - Roma Bijav 07:28

05 - Saban Vs Mrs 09:56

06 - Trajo Mungri 03:41

07 - Gejlah Dade 06:01

08 - Shal Mange 06:29

09 - Lazi, Lazi Vere 05:41

10 - Rupuni 06:29

11 - O Dads Bakhtalo 03:18

12 - Duj Penja 04:42


01 - Guglo Kafava 04:31

02 - Kaj Okova Roma 06:08

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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Sue Foley & Peter Karp 2010 He Said She Said (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 275 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:50:04
Size: 90,31 MB

Canada United States

Review by Thom Jurek

He Said She Said is a blues album of an entirely different stripe. Guitarist and songwriter Peter Karp was in the midst of recording his excellent Shadows and Cracks. He’d written a duet, and his manager suggested Sue Foley to record the female part. The cut didn’t make the album, but it forged a friendship that was sustained by writing letters and thoughts across continents via email. Foley and Karp began to record individual records, but during a conversation, realized their letters were the basis of terrific songs, and were more relevant to their lives (personal and musical) at the moment, and so they decided to work together instead.

The songs, while firmly rooted in the blues tradition, range widely, even though most of them are sung duets. There’s the uptempo, acoustic, quick-step, shuffling, country-blues of Karp’s “Hold on Baby,” with some of his brilliant slide that is an encouragement to a friend having a difficult time. Foley’s beautiful, countrified rag “So Far So Fast” is a love song confessed as secret longing that features her gorgeous fingerpicking, Nate Allen's upright bass, Mike Catapano's skittering snare, and Karp playing a rickety upright piano. There’s some electric material hereto: Karp’s rocking “Wait,” with a B-3 and an electric bassline, and the pair's guitars trading licks. “Scared” is Karp's beautiful, nocturnal, jazzy track with a horn section, with lead vocals by Foley. The sexy “Mm Hmmm” is a duet that could appear in an erotic thriller with its walking, upright bassline and sensual poetry. Foley’s closing “Lost in You” is a ballad of such tenderness and wonder, it seals the album with a kiss -- especially with her nylon-string guitar playing.

This is a risky and welcome recording (kudos to Blind Pig for the vision to release it) that asks modern blues fans to suspend their preconceptions and listen to the music as it evolves in this new century, and an album to make those fed up with blues clichés hear something truly and beautifully different.


01 - Treat Me Right 04:45

02 - So Far So Fast 02:25

03 - Wait 04:06

04 - Rules Of Engagement 03:56

05 - Hold On Baby 03:19

06 - Umm Hmm 03:23

07 - Danger Lurks 03:29

08 - Ready For Your Love 03:06

09 - I'm Scared 03:47

10 - Valentines Day 03:32

11 - Dear Girl 03:51

12 - Baby Don't Go 03:30

13 - Regret 03:30

14 - Lost In You 03:25

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Morgan Davis 2011 Drive My Blues Away

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:45:08
Size: 103,31 MB

United States

Morgan Davis transports you back to an old juke joint on the Mississippi delta, a bar so bad they didn't hire a band, just a singer and drummer. It's the bare blues, stripped down from hustle of post-war Chicago. You can easily imagine you are listening to Robert Johnson, if he had an electric guitar, or Jimmy Reed.

"Drive My Blues Away" has songs by Robert Johnson, Lightning Hopkins, Rice Miller and Skip James along with some of Davis' own material.

The CD is very much like Morgan's live shows, basic without much ornamentation. Colin Linden plays guitar on "Happy Song". Franz plays percussion on "Sure As You Live." Seymour Townes plays harmonica. "When You Got A Good Friend" is performed on a cigar box guitar which is something Robert Johnson would have used. It's not a gimmick. It's mesmerizing. (Stephen Pate)


01 - Sure As You Live 04:28

02 - Thank You, Mr. Reed 02:40

03 - Anticipation 03:14

04 - When You Got A Good Friend 02:50

05 - Arlene 03:36

06 - The Money Men 04:15

07 - Dissatisfied 03:36

08 - Re-Break My Heart 03:22

09 - Love Puzzle 04:55

10 - Look Down The Road 02:04

11 - Drive My Blues Away 04:07

12 - Happy Song 02:56

13 - Ramblin' On My Mind 03:05

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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Sergio BAP 2004 Sentimental Blues Vol. 4

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:31:13
Size: 71,44 MB



01 - Texas Ranger 03:56

02 - Greatfull Love 04:03

03 - Elvis My Dog 03:44

04 - Last Dance (Revisited) 04:25

05 - Highway 040 02:14

06 - Beyond The Fingers 02:20

07 - Kitungo Blues 02:08

08 - Ornitorrinco 02:09

09 - Deep In My Soul 04:13

10 - Acoustic 3 02:01

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Mick Simpson 2012 Cruel World

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:12
Size: 114,86 MB

United Kingdom

The hotly anticipated new album by this UK blues guitar hero, featuring tracks influenced by artists such as Gary Moore, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Robert Johnson, Eric Clapton and Jimi Hendrix. (cdbaby)


01 - No Reason To Cry 04:04

02 - Cruel World (feat. Andy Littlewood) 05:25

03 - Number One 05:02

04 - Find Another You (feat. Malaya) 06:26

05 - Pay The Man 03:49

06 - The Road To Memphis 03:24

07 - Lie To Me 03:58

08 - You Know My Love 07:03

09 - Broken Man 03:58

10 - Work It Out Again 03:53

11 - Can't Get Enough 03:10

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