Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Michael Hill's Blues Mob 1996 Have Mercy!

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:15
Size: 144,64 MB

United States

review by Thom Owens

Michael Hill's primary attribute is his ambition. Where many contemporary bluesmen are content to turn out standard shuffles and boogies, he wants to bring it all together -- Hendrix blues-rock, Chicago blues, soul-blues, jazz and reggae. It's a difficult task, so it isn't entirely surprising that he and his band the Blues Mob don't quite achieve his dreams on his second album, Have Mercy!. What is surprising is how close they come. When Hill and the Blues Mob have everything working right, their music is a heady fusion with real passion and heart. These moments -- including "Women Make the World Go Round," "Africa in Her Name" and a reworking of "Stagolee" -- are powerful enough to make the failed fusions forgivable, and they suggest that Hill could develop into a distinctive talent in his own right.


01 - Presumed Innocent 04:38

02 - Lost In The Sauce 03:42

03 - Bluestime In America 04:09

04 - Women Make The World Go 'round 04:07

05 - Grandmother's Blues 05:21

06 - Africa Is Her Name 04:15

07 - Let's Talk About The Weather 06:07

08 - Backyard In Brooklyn 03:07

09 - Falling Through The Cracks 04:33

10 - Stagolee - Perspective 05:31

11 - Sweeter Days 04:09

12 - Evil Spell 04:07

13 - Rest In Peace 04:58

14 - She's Gone 04:31

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