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Headband 1979 Straight Ahead

Genre: Jazz-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:40:25
Size: 92,52 MB


HEADBAND was a fusion band from Köln active from the early 70's to early 80's. Through their career they played a quirky kind of fusion comparable to that of PASSPORT for example, or on their earlier albums someone from the German jazz scene of the time like SURGERY. Even though they were active for a long time, they released their first album as late as 1979. Through all three albums they had a mostly stable line-up whose members were related in one way or another to other artists from the krautrock scene.

Bass, Cuica, Percussion – Cläusel Quitschau
Drums, Percussion – Man Breuer*
Guitar, Congas, Handclaps – Jan Reimers*
Keyboards, Voice, Handclaps – Mike Herting
Saxophone – Norbert Stein


01 - The Devil & Miss Brown 07:36

02 - Careful Exercise 06:19

03 - Gringita 06:59

04 - Zero-Zero 09:19

05 - A Day Is A Year 10:12

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John Primer 1997 Keep On Lovin' The Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:27
Size: 129,13 MB

United States

Biography by Bill Dahl

By any yardstick, Chicago guitarist John Primer has paid his dues. Prior to making The Real Deal for Mike Vernon's Atlantic-distributed Code Blue label, Primer spent 13 years as the ever-reliable rhythm guitarist with Magic Slim & the Teardrops. Before that, he filled the same role behind Chicago immortals Muddy Waters and Willie Dixon.

All that grounding has paid off handsomely for Primer. His sound is rooted in the classic Windy City blues sound of decades past: rough-edged and uncompromising and satisfying in the extreme. He's one of the last real traditionalists in town.

By the time he came to Chicago in 1963, Primer was thoroughly familiar with the lowdown sounds of Waters, Wolf, Jimmy Reed, B.B. and Albert King, and Elmore James. He fronted a West Side outfit for a while called the Maintainers, dishing out a mix of soul and blues before joining the house band at the Southside blues mecca Theresa's Lounge for what ended up being a nine-year run. Elegant guitarist Sammy Lawhorn proved quite influential on Primer's maturing guitar approach during this period.

Always on the lookout for aspiring talent, Willie Dixon spirited him away for a 1979 gig in Mexico City. After a year or so as one of Dixon's All-Stars, Primer was recruited to join the last band of Muddy Waters, playing with the Chicago blues king until his 1983 death. Right after that, Primer joined forces with Magic Slim; their styles interlocked so seamlessly that their partnership seemed like an eternal bond.

But Primer deserved his own share of the spotlight. In 1993, Michael Frank's Chicago-based Earwig logo issued Primer's debut domestic disc, Stuff You Got to Watch. It was a glorious return to the classic '50s Chicago sound, powered by Primer's uncommonly concise guitar work and gruff, no-nonsense vocals. With the 1995 emergence of The Real Deal -- produced by Vernon and featuring all-star backing by harpist Billy Branch, pianist David Maxwell, and bassist Johnny B. Gayden, Primer's star appeared ready to ascend. He soon transferred back to the Wolf label for sets such as 1997's Cold Blooded Blues Man, 1998's Blues Behind Closed Doors, and 2000's It's a Blues Life.


01 - The Kiss Of Fire 03:59

02 - Knocking At Your Door 04:07

03 - Change Your Evil Ways 03:54

04 - Lonely Days And Nights 04:05

05 - Excited By Your Charms 04:55

06 - Hard Working Woman 04:24

07 - Brutal Hearted Woman 05:19

08 - Everytime You Touch Me 04:49

09 - That's Alright 05:14

10 - A Woman Was Made To Be Loved 04:44

11 - I Been Dogged Around 03:53

12 - I Want To Know 07:04

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John Primer 1991 Poor Man Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:41
Size: 122,72 MB

United States

Review by Thom Owens

Poor Man Blues: Chicago Blues Session, Vol. 6 showcases the exceptional guitar skills of John Primer, who long served as a guitarist for Muddy Waters and Magic Slim. Primer falls somewhere between the two, turning out tough Chicago blues fueled by his biting slide guitar. His original songs aren't particularly interesting, but they function as good vehicles for exciting jams. In the end, Primer might not add anything new to Chicago blues, but he has a great time playing, and it sure is fun to listen to his play.


01 - Add A Little Touch 04:08

02 - Smile In Your Face 06:14

03 - Poor Man Blues 03:38

04 - If I Could Hold You In My Arms 06:54

05 - Hiding Place 03:27

06 - I'm A Blues Man 05:59

07 - My Eyes Keep Me In Trouble 04:23

08 - My Baby Don't Love Me 05:19

09 - Try My Lovin' 04:11

10 - Corinna 05:43

11 - Forgive Not Forget 03:45

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John Primer 2008 All Original

Genre: Blues
Rate: 275 kbps VBR / 44100
Time: 01:00:39
Size: 118,24 MB

United States

Album Notes

Grammy Award and Handy Award Nominee, John Primer’s history is the real deal!

John’s life started in Camden Mississippi on his grandmother’s sharecropper land, dreaming of a better life and working in the fields. His biggest dream in life was to someday play his guitar with his idol Muddy Waters. John ended up doing that and much, much more!

John should be credited for helping Muddy Waters bring the Blues to Chicago and for taking it further into the 21st Century.John has been that perfect liaison – filling the gap between the older traditional style and the younger Chicago Blues style.John went from field songs and gospels, into traditional Blues, then R&B and Soul then finally pioneering the infamous Chicago Blues style we know today.

“All Original” is a dream come true for John. 12 all original songs recorded for his very own record label – Blues House Productions, is another first.

Cataloging his own music, writing, producing, teaching young musicians and sharing his experiences with the world is now his focus and life mission.

This first CD is only the beginning, putting 12 all originals into it’s collection.

“All Original” starts out fast with “Add A Little Touch”, shaking you up and getting you ready for a full blues experience. “Going Back To Mississippi” pays tribute to his home and let’s you into his heart. “I Called My Baby” is a slide guitar lovers dream! “Everyday Brings By A Change” is one of John’s favorites and represents how he looks at life. “Blue Eyed Woman”, “Other Man”, “The Woman That I am Loving”, and “Bad Child” are all great examples of John’s diverse Blues skills. “Keep On Loving The Blues” is another Primer favorite. John sings this at the end of most of his shows to send the audience home remembering to keep on loving the Blues. “At Home Alone” is a great soul-felt, minor key song, highlighting John's R&B, soulful voice. “Say Yes, Don’t Say No” shows John’s playful spirit. “All Original” ends with “Love In My Heart For You”, a traditional, acoustic duet with just John and Harmonica Hinds. John’s 3 year old daughter Aliya Makayla Becker is with them dancing around the studio, keeping daddy’s music alive and well!

This is only the beginning for John’s new label, Blues House Productions. Many more CD’s are already being worked on. The label’s intent is to preserve the Blues’ precious past, helping less fortunate musicians, while producing original music for our future.

Fore more information about John Primer, Blues House Productions or the CD “All Original”, please go to these websites or John's new label -


01 - Add A Little Touch 05:02

02 - Going Back To Mississippi 04:37

03 - I Called My Baby 06:28

04 - Everyday Brings By A Change 05:06

05 - Blue Eyed Woman 05:35

06 - Other Man 03:59

07 - The Woman That I'm Loving 05:26

08 - Bad Child 04:18

09 - Keep On Loving The Blues 04:37

10 - At Home Alone 06:15

11 - Say Yes, Don't Say No 05:05

12 - Love In My Heart For You 04:11

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Jay Gordon & Phillip Walker 1994 Jaywalkin (LL)

Genre: Blues
Rate: 262 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:42:30
Size: 78,75 MB

United States

Review by Scott Yanow

This CD is a summit meeting between the fiery guitarist/singer Jay Gordon and veteran Phillip Walker. Walker's guitar playing and vocalizing, though a bit more traditional, holds its own with Gordon, who is properly respectful but far from restrained. They perform eight Gordon originals, and their collaboration "Jaywalkin" with either Jimmy Thomas or Russ Greene on bass and piano, and Butch Azevedo or Joey E. Covington on drums. The lyrics are often witty, the interplay between the guitarists display their contrasting styles, and high points include "Whiskey, Women & Fast Cars," "You Should Have Married a Priest," and "Strings Talkin'."


01 - Whiskey Women And Fast Cars 03:41

02 - You Should Have Married A Priest 03:38

03 - Blacktop Alley 05:29

04 - Shade Tree Mechanic 04:46

05 - Strings Talkin 06:34

06 - Rub Some Good Luck On Me 03:57

07 - Farm Dog 03:02

08 - Pure Grain Alcohol 05:02

09 - Jaywalkin 06:21

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John Primer 1995 The Real Deal

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:32
Size: 110,98 MB

United States

Sometimes you just need a shot of Chicago blues. I mean, when nothing else can satisfy that need for gritty, raw edged, low down, feel it in your gut kinda blues. You know, The Real Deal well, here it is. John Primer has learned his craft well and it shows with his first effort for Mike Vernon's Code Blue label. Payin' dues in this business can last a lifetime. And John Primer is just one example of payin' and learnin' from the masters while perfecting a style that owes as much to remaining true to the genre as to creating an identity within it. Having served solidly as Magic Slim and the Teardrops' rhythm guitarist for the past fifteen years and fronting the band when Slim is not on stage, he has developed a presence that has been honed from many years of studio work, touring and live performances. Just prior to joining The Teardrops he toured with Muddy Waters' band until his death in 1983, and with Willie Dixon 's All Stars from 1979 for a couple of years before joining Muddy's touring band. With influences like that, Primer's approach is drenched in the Chicago tradition, and he thoroughly understands what it takes to deliver "the message".

It's obvious from the opening note that Primer comprehends ensemble playing. While backed by seasoned sidemen, as he is himself, all the instruments integrate seamlessly. Harpman extraordinary, Billy Branch, approaches his role with impeccable understatement and punctuates passages almost undetected. Solidly backing Primer on bass, as he did for many years with Albert Collins, is Johnny B. Gayden. David Maxwell immerses his piano effort with a Chicago feel reminiscent of Otis Spann's playful signature tinklings. Rock-solid on drums from his own Teardrops lineup is Earl Howell. Jake Dawson, also from the Teardrop rhythm section adds second guitar as Primer solos.

Of the twelve cuts on The Real Deal, six are Primer originals and the well chosen covers pay tribute to his mentors (and former employers, Dixon's "Good Understanding" and Water's "Blind Man Blues"). There is ample evidence that Primer is extremely comfortable playing not only Chicago blues, but also Delta blues as he digs in with a bottleneck lead from the Elmore James School of Guitar Playing on his "How Long Will You Be Mine." "Tomorrow Might Not Be the Same," and "Tired and Worried" are right out of the 50's and early 60's Chicago era that fit this collection well. The simplicity of their production is a welcome breath of fresh air--like right off Lake Michigan through the "Windy City."

If there is any weakness in this recording, it is in John's vocals. Traditional Chicago blues have had a more impassioned approach than I hear from John. Listen again to Magic Sam and more recently Chicago's Son Seals for examples. Don't let that only possible shortcoming discourage you from picking up this CD. I await the next effort from John Primer as he furthers the journey that he begins on this disc.

The Real Deal offers blues fans a glimpse of a hard-working bluesman whose approach to blues is interpreted with influences from the Delta, Westside Chicago, road gigs, and touring with some of the truly great. I strongly recommend that fans of Chicago blues seriously consider adding this CD to their collection. Like I said, sometimes you just need that kinda thing! (This review is copyright © 1999 by TR Marshall, and Blues On Stage)


01 - Stop Draggin' That Chain Around 04:16

02 - Tomorrow Might Not Be The Same 04:09

03 - Still In Love With You 04:54

04 - Blind Man Blues 04:35

05 - How Long Will You Be Mine 03:24

06 - Good Understanding 03:01

07 - Come Back Baby 04:55

08 - Cryin' For Your Love 03:52

09 - Bad Blood 03:31

10 - I Called My Baby 04:52

11 - She Won't Give Me No Lovin' 03:41

12 - Tired And Worried 03:22

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Emerson, Lake & Palmer 1971 Pictures At An Exhibition (LL)

Genre: Progressive Rock
Rate: 292 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:38:23
Size: 74,34 MB

United Kingdom

Pictures at an Exhibition is a live album by the English progressive rock band Emerson, Lake & Palmer, released in November 1971 on Island Records. It is a recording of the band's arrangement of Pictures at an Exhibition by Modest Mussorgsky, performed at Newcastle City Hall on 26 March 1971. Emerson wished to arrange the piece after seeing an orchestral performance of it several years before. He bought a copy of the score, and pitched the idea to Lake and Palmer, who agreed to adapt it.

Pictures at an Exhibition went to number 2 on the UK Albums Chart and number 10 on the US Billboard 200.

The original live album was recorded at Newcastle City Hall in North East England. The opening track of the album was played on a Harrison & Harrison pipe organ which was installed in the City Hall in 1928. The organ console is some way above stage level, at the top of a stepped terrace used for choral performances. The drum roll connecting the opening track to the next served to cover Emerson's dash back down to the stage. Being a live album, sometimes Keith Emerson's voltage-controlled Moog oscillators went out of tune, due to humidity and temperature. (


01 - Promenade 01:58

02 - The Gnome 04:18

03 - Promenade 01:24

04 - The Sage 04:42

05 - The Old Castle 02:33

06 - Blues Variation 04:23

07 - Promenade 01:29

08 - The Hut Of Baba Yaga 01:13

09 - The Curse Of Baba Yaga 04:11

10 - The Hut Of Baba Yaga 01:07

11 - The Great Gates Of Kiev - The End 06:38

12 - Nutrocker 04:27

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John Primer 1992 Stuff You Got To Watch

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:08:47
Size: 157,38 MB

United States

Review by Bill Dahl

Chicago guitarist Primer's domestic debut album was doubtless an eye-opener for anyone not familiar with his searing slide work and sturdy vocal abilities. Apart from a very ill-advised cover of Glen Campbell's "Rhinestone Cowboy" (yuck!), the album resonates with mean, lowdown guitar work and fine ensemble backing.


01 - Stuff You Got To Watch 03:05

02 - See See Baby 04:23

03 - Inflation Blues 05:55

04 - Cairo 05:28

05 - Lawhorn Special 04:04

06 - Double Trouble 05:58

07 - Rhinestone Cowboy 04:49

08 - Fed Up Baby 06:36

09 - Baby Bring Your Clothes Back Home 05:11

10 - That's All I Need 05:28

11 - I'm Gonna Ride Until I Get Satisfied 04:57

12 - Travelin' Blues 06:06

13 - The Mojo 06:47

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Julian Sas Band 1998 Live

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:51
Size: 123,12 MB


Poundin' 3 piece band featuring Duitch blues master Julian Sas on long guitar jams, where he likes to be: LIVE. at the I Vervolg club in Beverwijk, Holland. (cdbaby)


01 - Sugar Cup Boogie 04:14

02 - Maudie 04:19

03 - Last Man In, First Man Out 08:03

04 - Turpentine Moan 03:01

05 - County Jail Blues 07:20

06 - Makin' My Return - Hey Joe - Machine Gun Jam 17:44

07 - Home Feelin' 05:26

08 - Shake Your Money Maker 03:44

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Blues Cousins 2011 KGB Blues (LL)

Genre: Blues-Rock
Rate: 252 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 00:44:25
Size: 86,63 MB



01 - KGB Blues 03:53

02 - The Brother 06:34

03 - I'm Mad 03:39

04 - Love Matters 04:23

05 - What Would You Say 02:55

06 - Rock 'n' Roll (Version 1) 06:15

07 - You Don't Know 04:13

08 - The Blues That Rocks 03:03

09 - The Chocolate 06:23

10 - Rock 'n' Roll (Version 2) 03:07

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