Friday, September 30, 2016

Cathy Jean 2000 Marshall Road Apocalypse

Genre: Blues
Rate: 272 kbps VBR / 44100 from lossless source!
Time: 01:04:42
Size: 123,42 MB

United States

Nominally classified as a blues album it actually contains a much more diverse range of styles, with Americana, swing and rock all combining to contribute to an eclectic collection of songs. The country influenced “The Fabulous New Debbie Song” is a real highlight, and along with the Prince inspired “Ms Jeneration Hip Zone” and a great rock number in “It’s On Me”, help demonstrate the variety of styles that Cathy is capable of handling. Of the blues songs “Your One and Only” is a really outstanding sultry harmonica based number. (Blues Bunny)


01 - Your One And Only 05:20

02 - Kauai 04:40

03 - Call It (Quits) 03:19

04 - The Kids From Glen Burnie 04:35

05 - Ms. Jeneration Hip Zone 04:13

06 - Dirty One 03:36

07 - Behind My Back 04:06

08 - It's On Me 04:00

09 - Austria 05:24

10 - Purple Tattoos 04:27

11 - Prophet 04:06

12 - You Don't Know 04:05

13 - Strut 04:21

14 - Get Me Out 03:24

15 - The Fabulous New Debbie Song 05:06

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Forrest & Kaylon McDonald 2007 There's Nothing Wrong With Dreaming

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:11
Size: 128,47 MB

United States

Album Notes

This 15 song debut 'There's Nothinig Wrong With Dreaming' is a combination of 18 months of effort and is a solid variety of tasteful Texas and country blues. Forrest & Kaylon McDonald and their band mates are seasoned performers, and they sound it. With thick heartfelt vocals provided by Kaylon over McDonald's extremely lucid and moving guitar riffs, you'll get behind this disc from the first note.

Forrest McDonald plays exceptional lead guitar, is the principal songwriter and producer for the band. You have heard his guitar work on the enduring hit, "Old Time Rock and Roll".

Kaylon's McDonald's vocals are clear as a bell and sweet as an angel with the right touch of sex and soul. Take a listen to the song samples and join the party.


01 - Gas Pump Blues 03:41

02 - You're My Dream 03:49

03 - I Want To Know 04:05

04 - Nothing Wrong With Dreaming 03:44

05 - I Feel So Bad 05:22

06 - I'll Be There For You 03:00

07 - Ride My Buggy 03:02

08 - Boy I'm Busy Now 02:46

09 - Good Hearted Woman 04:12

10 - Come Home To Me 04:24

11 - I'm Riding On Down 02:32

12 - I'm Ready 04:03

13 - Living My Dream 03:55

14 - You Still Got It Baby 03:29

15 - The World Is Waiting 04:07

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Gregor Hilden 2006 Golden Voice Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:57:09
Size: 130,66 MB


German guitarist and songwriter Gregor Hilden is back with yet another masterpiece blending his uncompromising mix of blues and jazz inclinations. Playing with his 1959 Les Paul, Hilden brings to fore jazz-laden phrasing, concise and economical noting, and a need for classical renderings within the blues. One of the most beautifully sounding guitarists around, Hilden also has dynamite support from a high quality team of German and American musicians.

Sounding like seasoned accomplices, Hilden and crew lay out some tight ass music on this biscuit. Instead, you'll discover in Hilden, a seemingly trained guitarist in love with jazz and doing the blues. Pure and powerful with every note wrung for its own weighty and artistic worth. Instrumentals with super backing, wonderful jazz inflections, and a brooding blues fever, Gregor Hilden puts out a strong set of jazzed-fused blues to wet your appetite. When it's done, I'll bet you shake your head and play it over! This young lion has created a sensation with the European Jazz and Blues fans. "The guitar work of Germany’s Gregor Hilden is phenomenally calculated and measured. ...The axe work of Mr. Hilden is indeed a pleasure to take in, unadulterated blues with masterful executions. ...These are brilliant compositions and arrangements...” (Mark A. Cole, Big City Blues)


01 - Shufflin' 04:19

02 - Golden Voice Blues 06:59

03 - Off Beatin' 05:08

04 - Smack Bertha's Shuffle 04:16

05 - Late Rent Shuffle 04:05

06 - Mature Blues 06:40

07 - Baritone Boogaloo 03:47

08 - Jammin' 04:16

09 - Sweet 'n' Sour 07:22

10 - Earth Blues 07:32

11 - Greg's Boogie 02:45

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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Lost Bayou Ramblers 2005 Bayou Perdu

Genre: Cajun-Zydeco
Rate: 128 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:48:02
Size: 43,91 MB

United States

Rustic, ribald, and rugged tunes free of contemporary styling, it's not rock-influenced, amplified modern Cajun music - but it rocks. The Lost Bayou Ramblers are what Cajun music was and should be. (Nick Pittman)


01 - Pine Island 03:39

02 - Hot Shoes 01:59

03 - Faut Pas Tu Brailles 03:05

04 - Le Blues De La Ville Platte 03:18

05 - Bayou Perdu 03:34

06 - Mexico One Step 03:51

07 - Pilette High Society 02:32

08 - Chers Yeux Bruns 03:44

09 - North Louisiana Blues 03:03

10 - Tite Fille De Lafayette 02:23

11 - Blue Moon Special 04:32

12 - Une Piastre Ici, Une Piastre Là-Bas 03:00

13 - Papa Lou Hop 03:04

14 - Le Temps Après Fini 06:18

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The Matthew Skoller Blues Band 2005 These Kind Of Blues

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:28
Size: 122,26 MB

United States

Album Notes:

The Matthew Skoller Band is an outstanding group that expresses blues in the Urban or Chicago Blues idiom. This collection of gifted musicians rocks with innovative versatility. Skoller, a brilliant harpist and vocalist, is a minimalist on the Mississippi saxophone and his insightful riffs remind at once of Junior Wells or John Lee Williamson. Though the harmonica punctuates and anchors the mood or tone of this band; nevertheless superior craftsmanship on guitar, organ, bass and drums is not to be overlooked. Most notable are the surprising adept and original nuances reflected in Lurrie Bell's guitar works.

These Kind of Blues features Matthew Skoller out front vocally and on harp. It is safe to say that he has found his voice on both instruments. Skoller's vocal evocations are personal and reflect the utterance of someone with total conviction in what he says. This singer's voice is clear and he uses its vocal range to testify in lyrics ranging from the socially conscious "Handful of People" to the lyrically poignant "Let the World Come to You." Matthew Skoller is a rarity. He is a blues artist who orchestrates his mastery of blues idioms, blues traditions, blues harmonica, and blues singing to forge a highly individualized and personal vision expressing blues in its magnificent contemporary wardrobe. Skoller is not someone covering blues standards made famous by someone else. He is an artist squeezing every drop of wine from meanings gleaned from his experience.

Several examples show how Skoller's songwriting is anchored in a historical body yet exhibited in contemporary wardrobe." Handful of People, telling the Whole World how to Live" is an example of lyrics and song that could refer to the foreign policy of this nation in a contemporary gesture, or it may refer to any small group with too much authority over others. The theme of "Handful of People" is anchored firmly in veins of today's realities. This song further privileges the contemporary by being presented in both genres of Chicago Blues and Rap.

The Matthew Skoller Band: Lurrie Bell and Larry Skoller, guitars; Sidney James Wingfield, Hammond organ and piano; Vamp Samuels, bass; and Kenny Smith, drums is a superb ensemble. The outstanding percussion work of Samuels and Smith lays down a sturdy foundation while Wingfield embellishes it with his rhythms. Also to be noted is the poignancy with which Larry Skoller's guitar comments on "Down At Your Buryin'." It is always a rare opportunity to witness vintage Lurrie Bell. Perhaps no one playing today is as sure and original with guitar licks. On These Kinds of Blues his genius is blended within the expression of an excellent band.

Finally, These Kind of Blues offer Matthew Skoller as a brilliant and significant songwriter, arranger, harpist, vocalist, and bandleader. His songwriting echoes the spirit and craft of a poet: "things won't get no better / till you face your fears" or "a fist full of give me / and a heartful of never give." The blues language of Skoller incorporates the cell phone and computer language. All in all, he presents contemporary blues with silhouettes of Junior Parker, James Cotton and Jimmy Reed. Skoller is someone to watch and contend with. He refuses to compromise his intelligence and roots and presents the necessary blues. These Kind of Blues is living and breathing the pathos of tradition and history. (STERLING PLUMPP - Emeritus Professor of African-American Studies and English at University of Illinois Chicago)


01 - Get Paid 04:12

02 - Ghosts In Your Closet 04:37

03 - Handful Of People 04:49

04 - These Kind Of Blues 04:28

05 - Let The World Come To You 06:28

06 - Wired World 04:18

07 - Stolen Thunder 04:13

08 - Down At Your Buryin' 05:56

09 - Julia 04:17

10 - Where Can You Be 04:07

11 - Handful Of People 06:03

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The Incredible Blues Puppies 2008 In The Doghouse

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:56:15
Size: 128,65 MB

United Kingdom

Strong, but not tough. Swinging, but not in overdrive. Electric, but no high voltage. Traditional, but mainly own work. No fuss, simply professional. This platter of fifteen songs, mostly originals, tastes even better than the previous Puppies offering. As is to be expected, Alan Glen is pivotal to the band as a composer, guitarist and, of course, harmonica ace. The recruitment of staccato guitarist John O’Reilly (formerly the main pillar of The Blues Engineers), is an excellent quality move. It takes guts to play T-Bone Walker, but O’Reilly doesn’t even allow us to doubt his capacities. Together with safe values Don Coccia on drums and Bob Haddrell on vocals and keys, this gentle record will make you toss and turn from start to finish.

This British quintet (the core of which also forms the backbone of the jazzloungy Barcodes) fancies Chicago blues, but is equally mad about swing, country, lounge and folkblues-with-kazoo! (remember the days when everyone covered San Francisco Bay?). Alen Glen lured some friends into the studio allowing us to enjoy the mighty (and heavily underrated) soul voice of Paul Cox, Gypie Mayo’s cult guitar, Art Themen’s glorious saxophone and the forgotten harmonica of Shakey Vick. (Eddy Bonte)


01 - Tuff Days 03:28

02 - I Don't Get It 04:14

03 - Zip Your Lip 03:35

04 - A Hard Way To Suffer 03:41

05 - Away From Here 02:27

06 - Too Bad 04:10

07 - Chilled Down To The Bone 04:43

08 - Mean Mistreatin' Mama 06:05

09 - Shivering In My Shoes 03:09

10 - No Time For You 04:08

11 - In The Doghouse 02:26

12 - Don't Keep Me Waiting 02:32

13 - Hungry Man 04:06

14 - Gerard's Jump 02:45

15 - Got Love If You Want It 04:46

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The Matthew Skoller Band 1996 Bone To Pick With You

Genre: Blues
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:50:04
Size: 114,56 MB

United States

Though he grew up in New York, Matthew Skoller's heart is in Chicago, the city that he now calls his home. Since moving to the Windy City in the late 1980's he's made a reputation as being one harmonica player to reckon with. He's worked with Jimmy Rogers, Koko Taylor, The Kinsey Report and other Blues great and now he's released an album of his own.

This CD is a shining example of what Matthew Skoller is capable of. He's a massive singing, able to handle the subtleties of the Blues with authority. As a harmonica player he is absolutely sure of himself and can hold his own against nearly any other harmonica player in a city that has produced many of the best Blues harmonica players in history. The music itself is quite enjoyable and Skoller gives a fine mix of originals and Blues standards.

Overall, this is a great recording and a welcome addition to any Blues collection. (Peter Krampert)


01 - Love Her Don't Shove Her 04:57

02 - Bone To Pick With You 03:57

03 - Turn To Me 05:06

04 - Can't Get Enuff Of Nothin' 05:20

05 - How Long Can A Fool Go Wrong 05:01

06 - If Love Ain't So Bad 03:59

07 - Dangerous Game 06:40

08 - The Same Thing Will Happen To You 02:54

09 - Talk Is Cheap 03:51

10 - Bed Bugs 03:37

11 - Easy 04:42

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Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Highway Robbery 1972 For Love Or Money

Genre: Hard Rock
Rate: 320 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:33:29
Size: 76,61 MB

United States

This is one really good hard rock album with heavy metal tendencies occasionally coming around to make the music even wilder. While I wouldn't go far enough to say Highway Robbery stands among the best hard rock bands of the 70's mainly because there's only one album to go by, and also because it's somewhat derivative of most hard rockers of the time, that doesn't change the fact the music is really magnificent based on some stellar songwriting and strong vocal melodies.

"Mystery Rider" opens with a cool echoey guitar riff and soaring, futuristic Jefferson Starship-like vocals. Interesting because Jefferson Starship wasn't yet releasing albums when this For Love or Money album came out. A powerful chorus too. "Fifteen" begins with a really heavy guitar assault, an indication this band means business. Lyrics about contemplating ones own life and growing confused as he or she grows older which is interesting because as far as I know only Alice Cooper's "Eighteen" describes that teenage kind of situation. "No need to worry because it's going to be fine" is a meaningful line.

"All I Need (to Have is You)" contains a softly sung sincere vocal melody. "All I need to have is you, please believe in what I do, and stand beside me when I'm blue" is a really nice line that reminds me of the mid 70's Bang period of the James Gang. "Lazy Woman" is one of the heavier songs here. Humble Pie-like (or rather "Stone Cold Fever" specifically) guitar lines appearing in between the vocals, and a really cool guitar jam in the middle. "Lazy woman I tell you what to do" is a lyric/vocal melody that packs a lot of punch and fury. This song is extremely heavy but I wouldn't say it's heavy in a Black Sabbath kind of way. No the Sabbath comparisons I've been reading about have been grossly exaggerated. More like heavy in an early Deep Purple style which is really powerful and awesome too, but these guys don't possess that sludgy heavy Sabbath guitar sound.

"Bells" has delicate and soulful lyrics that switch into stronger rocking soul with some really well-timed and natural sounding tempo changes. The atmosphere is really friendly and welcoming too. "Bells are ringing hear them singing" is a great line. The screamer vocals remind me of John Lawton from the early to mid 70's band Lucifer's Friend. "Ain't Gonna Take No More" has an aggressive guitar riff with hyper blues tendencies. Appropriately captures the feeling of not taking it ( that being anyone's crap) anymore. Heavy and exciting guitar riff, and cool riff exchanges at the very end.

"I'll Do It All Again" is more interesting lyrical content about figuring out life and love during a confusing time after losing important valuable things. The notes that open the tune remind me of a Cream song but I'm not sure which one. Very soulful song that gradually gets heavy as the lead singer intensifies his voice which unintentionally reminds me of the lead singer from the pop/rock band Sparks (Russel Mael). "Promotion Man" has a catchy guitar riff in the intro with strange lyrics about a working promotional band. Cool guitar riff and tempo change during the "Yeah yeah yeah" part, and an extended bluesy/metal guitar workout throughout the second half that saves it.

Honestly For Love or Money isn't amazing for its heaviness because a ton of early 70's bands are equally heavy, but the sincere lyrics, strong and compassionate vocal melodies, memorable guitar riffs and pretty good songwriting makes Highway Robbery one underrated band. Oh and the guy posing on the right on the album cover? He looks like Rod Stewart doesn't he! (Bryan)


01 - Mystery Rider 03:02

02 - Fifteen 02:57

03 - All I Need (To Have Is You) 04:17

04 - Lazy Woman 05:40

05 - Bells 03:24

06 - Ain't Gonna Take No More 03:56

07 - I'll Do It All Again 04:13

08 - Promotion Man 06:00

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Tim Williams & The Electro-Fires 2002 Live At Kaos

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:53:47
Size: 74,01 MB


A thoroughly enjoyable live set from a now defunct bar featuring live blues and jazz. Tim Williams and his band are a treasure on the local Calgary blues and roots music scene and by extension the Canadian blues scene. The songs have a great groove with lots of well played solos on guitar, piano, organ and sax. (skater)


01 - Drivin' Wheel 05:50

02 - SK Blues 11:35

03 - I'll Play The Blues For You 06:51

04 - Can I Bring My Clothes Back Home 03:43

05 - Street Walkin' Woman 04:46

06 - Smack Dab In The Middle 05:09

07 - Hey, Little Girl 06:00

08 - Statesboro Blues 04:11

09 - New 61 Highway Blues 05:42

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Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Foreday Riders 2005 Shake A Leg

Genre: Blues
Rate: 192 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 01:03:28
Size: 87,01 MB


In his 'liner notes' Vic Mally laughingly comments that Ron & Jeff King "founded the band hundreds of years ago". Trust me, it feels like that! Vic describes the mystique of this band that quite literally only play where and when they want to and always attract a sizeable audience when they do. They don't play or sound like any other band, regardless of who is featuring on the night. They are always the RIDERS!

They are now approaching their forty year tenure. In truth, the band has only ever really been Ron & Jeff and what they inspire in everybody that plays with them at any given time as the Foreday Riders. These are the guys who introduced me to the likes of Illinois Jacquet, Lester Young and a whole heap of other jazz players as well as many of the greatest of the blues players and some of the sweetest sounding music I have heard in my life.

The album opens with the Adolph Smith penned classic You're The One which was a hit for New Orleans vocal group The Spiders in 1954. However, this instrumental take swings like crazy and owes more to the Hank Crawford/Jimmy McGriff version from their 1989 recording 'On the Blues Side' than any other. This some of the finest of the Riders' ensemble playing I have heard!

Bourbon To Scotch (penned by guitarist Ray Beadle) kicks in with an almost 'rock' feel and then lightens up and turns into a real showcase for his vocal style. This features Jeff on 'Dobro' for the first solo and his playing is just as tasty as ever it was.

Diamond At Her Feet (McKinley 'Muddy Waters' Morganfield) is next and is the only time that Ron features on vocals on this album. This saddens me as I truly like Ron's singing. Jeff is sounding very like one of his heroes guitarist 'Pee Wee' Crayton on the first solo.

Lonnie Smith's Peepin' dates from the mid-sixties when the turban-wearing Smith, along with 'Blue' Mitchell was part of Lou Donaldson's quintet making its first appearance on the latter's 'Mr. Shing-A-Ling' release of 1967. This tune has been a Riders' staple for as long as I can remember and always brings back fond memories of Guiness soaked nights at the 'Weeds'!

Next up Ray takes the vocal reins on Peter 'Memphis Slim' Chatman's Lonesome. This rocks along in that typical Riders' fashion.

Ray also takes the vocal on the next Memphis-born left-hander Manuel 'Little Jimmy King' Gales' Baby, Baby! Sadly, Gales died of a heart attack in 2002 at age 34 and never got the wide recognition he deserved. This is a great version of his self-penned tune from his 1994 release 'Something Inside of Me' which featured both Chris Layton and Tommy Shannon from Double Trouble!

First caught sight of Wayne Jury performing in trio format with Ron & Jeff at the Hawkesbury Valley Jazz Carnivale in Richmond NSW on November 14, 2004 and what a great combination they were. This tune, Wayne's self-penned Hard Life is his first of six vocals on this album. Funky, swampy, sleazy feel and it cooks like crazy. Great vocals!

Next up and Wayne is handling the vocals again - this time on one penned by Ron & Jeff, Have You Made Up My Mind? This has the sort of quirky lyrics I have come to expect from the boys over the years and it just rolls right on along.

Now to a tune that has been part of the Riders' repertoire for a very long time and that I remember from those nights at the Weeds with 'Pedro' (Tony Pedroza) playing his '335'. This is Hollywood, a Crusaders/Jazz Crusaders tune from the early seventies, penned by their trombonist Wayne Henderson. This has been renamed Hollywood (Revisited) here - highly appropriate as it is the first time I've seen it appear on one of their recordings since the aforementioned Playin' Up from 1977 - and it is one that truly deserved to be revisited! This was one of at least two Crusaders tunes that I remember the Riders playing in those days - the other was 'Greasy Spoon'.

Next up is Albert Collins' The Lights Are On. This opens with an absolute killer guitar underscored by Ron's harmonica (as only he can do) before breaking into Ray's soulful vocal that attacks the lyrics with just the right amount of intensity. Half the battle when you're singing are phrasing & taste - young Mr. Beadle has these in spades! Great stuff!

Onto the title track and Wayne is back singing. A typical Rider Shuffle, Shake A Leg just jumps along and makes you feel good and want a beer in your hand!

Wayne still on the mic and we have the Duke Robillard/Doc Pomus penned Body & Fender Man, yet another of those blues where sexual innuendo is transferred to the panels and workings of a motor vehicle.

Johnny Shines Evening Sun and we're running at a hundred miles an hour. The dance floor is full and people are having a great time. Wayne handling the vocals, Jeff on 'Dobro' with a great slide 'solo', Ron with a rocking harp solo to finish it off!

Ain't Doing Too Bad (Don 'Deadric Malone' Robey) is next up and can be traced back to an early-eighties version by Magic Slim & the Teardrops as well as any one of about a dozen other performers including Lucky Peterson and an insanely funky version by none other than James Cotton. This version is more reminiscent of Magic Slim, but still a little like Cotton. Great vocals by Ray Beadle. Ron takes a lovely understated first solo, followed by Jeff, then Ray.

Wayne takes the set out with a Ron & Jeff penned tune that is sure to become yet another Riders' classic (if it hasn't already) Include Me Out! A fiery 'slide' solo from Ray Beadle here!

I've barely mentioned the wonderful keyboard work of Col Nolan - it's bloody marvellous!

I haven't mentioned the work from one of the tightest rhythm sections I've ever heard with the Foreday Riders - Stan 'Stanley Steamer' Mobbs (bass) and Roscoe Clark (drums). An engine room like this can only make you sound good and better!

Wayne is a great singer and a worthy addition to the line-up on here!

Ray Beadle is a guitarist and vocalist that I have to honestly say I always thought played just 'too bloody loud'! Happily, I caught he and the King Brothers at Thredbo in January 1999 in trio mode and he was playing some of the nicest guitar I had ever heard. Six years on and I have to say he is everything he should be - a great player and singer who has taken the lessons and learned them well. Catch him with his own band Ray Beadle and the Vipers and you'll see him at his best.

Ron King is the best damn 'harp' player we got here and brother, Jeff is one hell of a nice guitar player! I know there may be those who may dispute that and I don't care.

Buy this album, no matter where in the World you live and listen to some of the finest Australian 'blues' you'll ever hear! (


01 - Your're The One 05:13

02 - Bourbon To Scotch 04:50

03 - Diamonds At Her Feet 04:23

04 - Peepin' 03:19

05 - Lonesome 03:50

06 - Baby Baby 04:27

07 - Hard Life 04:28

08 - Have You Made Up Your Mind 03:59

09 - Hollywood (Revisited) 04:01

10 - The Lights Are On 06:02

11 - Shake A Leg 03:31

12 - Body And Fender Man 04:32

13 - Evening Sun 03:09

14 - Ain't Doin' Too Bad 04:36

15 - Include Me Out 03:08

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