Sunday, August 14, 2016

Chubby Rae & The Elevators 2002 Live At St. Andrews

Genre: Blues
Rate: 256 kbps CBR / 44100
Time: 00:59:13
Size: 133,66 MB


The blues is supposed to make you feel better and a Chubby Rae & the Elevators show is all about feelin good. Youll often see sweating dancers in friendly argument with Chubby Rae & the Elevators about whos having more fun, them or the band?

Chubby Rae & the Elevators have been making converts to their vibed-up, good-time blues since their first gig in July 2000 and since then, Marisa Quigley, aka Chubby Rae, the 62 redheaded soulful powerhouse, has been singin the blues like theres no tomorrow. The Elevators are dedicated blues men. With Jim Dyson, the Boss of the Boogaloo on guitar and slide, Karl Inderberg and Craig Chiller holding it all together on drums and bass, and the new guy, Lou Toth tearing it up on sax. Chubby Rae & the Elevators dig deep into blues traditions to lay down grooves that even a corpse could move to. Thats what the blues is for!


01 - Walkin' To My Baby 03:44

02 - Little Red Rooster 03:43

03 - You Gotta Go 04:23

04 - Love Me Like A Man 03:30

05 - Full-Time Lover 04:25

06 - Little By Little 03:42

07 - It Hurts Me Too 04:21

08 - Sweet Jelly Roll 05:05

09 - Crazy Hotrod 04:04

10 - Honey Hush 03:34

11 - Reasons To Live 05:27

12 - Who's Been Talking 04:46

13 - If I Could Make A Man 03:15

14 - Till The Money Runs Out 05:14

Gamble for more Chubby Rae & The Elevators

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